2020 applicants

Dr Sangeet Saha

Senior Research Officer
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Sangeet Saha



I am Senior Research Officer (PostDoc) at the Department of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex. I joined the institute in May, 2018. Previously, after submitting my PhD thesis in 2017, I worked briefly as a Visiting Scientist with the Advanced Computing and Micro-electronics Unit (ACMU), Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata, India. I have completed my PhD from University of Calcutta under the supervision of Dr. Amlan Chakrabarti, Dean, CU and Dr. Arnab Sarkar, Associate Prof., IIT Guwahati. Presently, I am working in National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR) (https://www.ncnr.org.uk/) project where I am mainly focusing on designing novel H/W, S/W techniques for real-time resilient embedded systems. I am also involved in INCASE Interreg project (https://www.incase2seas.eu/) where our primary focus remain to develop FPGA based solutions for industrial automotive communications.


  • PhD University of Calcutta, (2017)

  • M.TECH in CSE University of Calcutta, (2013)

  • B.Tech University of Calcutta, (2011)

  • B.Sc in Physics Hons University of Calcutta, (2008)


University of Essex

  • Senior Research Officer, CSEE, University of Essex (1/5/2018 - present)

  • Visiting Scientist, ACMU, Indian Statistical Institute (20/2/2018 - 20/4/2018)

  • TCS Research fellow, A.K.C.S.I.T, University of Calcutta (3/9/2013 - 30/10/2017)


Journal articles (4)

Jia, M., Yu, W., Zhai, X. and Saha, S., (2019). Modeling and Analysis of First Aid Command and Dispatching System of Cloud Medical System. IEEE Access. 7, 168752-168758

Saha, S., Sarkar, A., Chakrabarti, A. and Ghosh, R., (2018). Co-Scheduling Persistent Periodic and Dynamic Aperiodic Real-Time Tasks on Reconfigurable Platforms. IEEE Transactions on Multi-Scale Computing Systems. 4 (1), 41-54

Saha, S., Sarkar, A. and Chakrabarti, A., (2017). Spatio-Temporal Scheduling of Preemptive Real-Time Tasks on Partially Reconfigurable Systems. ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems. 22 (4), 1-26

Saha, S., Sarkar, A. and Chakrabarti, A., (2015). Scheduling Dynamic Hard Real-Time Task Sets on Fully and Partially Reconfigurable Platforms. IEEE Embedded Systems Letters. 7 (1), 23-26

Conferences (4)

Aslam, B., Saha, S., Zaffar, M., Ehsan, S., Zhai, X., Cazzaniga, C., Frost, C., McDonald-Maier, K. and Stolkin, R., Measuring the Degradation of Commercial Cameras Under Fast Neutron Beam

Lu, Y., Zhai, X., Saha, S., Ehsan, S. and McDonald-Maier, K., (2020). A self-scrubbing scheme for embedded systems in radiation environments

Khanam, Z., Saha, S., Aslam, B., Zhai, X., Ehsan, S., Cazzaniga, C., Frost, C., Stolkin, R. and McDonald-Maier, K., (2019). Degradation Measurement of Kinect Sensor Under Fast Neutron Beamline

Dey, S., Singh, AK., Saha, S., Wang, X. and McDonald-Maier, K., (2019). RewardProfiler: A Reward Based Design Space Profiler on DVFS Enabled MPSoCs

Reports and Papers (1)

Khaliq, A., Bhatt, SSB., Gu, D., Howells, G. and McDonald-Maier, K., (2019). FLAG: A Framework for FPGA-based LoAd Generation in Profinet Communication




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