Dr Mark Saban

Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
Dr Mark Saban

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Jungian psychology's contributions to the psychosocial

Jungian psychology has historically highlighted interiority and downplayed the outer-facing dimensions of psyche. I am interested in making efforts to counteract this one-sidedness.

Key words: psychosocial
Open to supervise

Jung and Simondon

I am interested in researching the fertile links between French philosopher Gilbert Simondon, who wrote extensively about individuation and C G Jung for whom individuation was a central notion.

Key words: Transindividuation
Open to supervise

Affect in Analytical Psychology

Affect is an underesearched arena within Analytical Psychology. My sense is that it can provide an important lens for the examination of the trans-individual dimension of psychic existence.

Key words: affect
Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Living a Good Life: Critical Approaches to Wellness and Happiness (PA107)

  • Advanced Jungian and Post-Jungian Approaches (PA402)

  • Current Debates in Psychosocial Studies (PA407)

  • Key Texts of C G Jung (PA971)

  • Jung in Contexts: Historical, Philosophical, Cultural (PA972)

  • Key Concepts in Jungian and Post-Jungian Analytical Psychology (PA973)

  • Selected Applications of Analytical Psychology (PA974)

  • Research Methods and Dissertation (PA981)

  • Critical Analysis of Psychodynamic Theory and Practice (PA121)


Journal articles (5)

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Books (1)

Kiehl, E., Saban, M. and Samuels, A., (2016). Analysis and Activism: Social and Political Contributions of Jungian Psychology. Routledge. 978-1138948099

Book chapters (2)

Saban, M., (2014). Ambiguating Jung. In: How and why we still read Jung. Editors: Kirsch, J., . Routledge

Saban, M., (2013). Science Friction: Jung, Goethe and Scientific Objectivity. In: Jung and the Question of Science. Editors: Jones, R., . Routledge. 1317932692. 9781317932697



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