Michelle Brown

Postgraduate Research Student
Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
 Michelle Brown



Michelle Brown brings over a decade of experience as a psychodynamic psychotherapist specialising in on-set welfare for artists in the film and theater industry. With a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by creative professionals, Michelle Brown has been instrumental in providing essential support to actors, directors, and production teams, ensuring their mental and emotional well-being throughout demanding production schedules. Alongside her work in on-set welfare, Michelle Brown maintains a thriving private practice where she offers tailored therapy sessions to clients from diverse backgrounds, addressing a wide array of psychological concerns. Grounded in psychodynamic theory, her approach delves deep into the unconscious dynamics to facilitate meaningful insight and transformative growth. Michelle Brown is also a dedicated educator, known for her engaging workshops and teaching sessions focused on race and identity. Her commitment to fostering inclusive spaces and addressing systemic issues of privilege and oppression enriches her teaching, prompting participants to critically engage with complex social constructs. Moreover, Michelle Brown is a certified mental health first aid trainer, empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to mental health crises. Her advocacy for mental health awareness and destigmatization has made her a respected figure within her community, driving positive change and promoting holistic well-being. In summary, Michelle Brown's extensive background as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, coupled with her expertise in on-set welfare, private practice, education, and mental health training, reflects her unwavering dedication to supporting individuals in their pursuit of psychological resilience and personal development.


  • Expert Witness Training Cardiff University Bond Solon (2018)

  • PG Psychodyanmic Psychotherapy Enfield Counselling Service (2014)

  • BSc Psychology Goldsmiths University (2012)

  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor NUCO (2021)

Research and professional activities


Behind The Lens and Mask: Psychoanalytic Insights into the inner world of the Actor in the Psychotherapy Consulting Room

Despite the widespread acclaim and use of Method Acting technique in film and theatre, there remains a significant knowledge gap in understanding its creative artistry alongside its potential psychopathology from a psychoanalytic perspective. In this paper, I will explore the complex internal world of actors, drawing on foundational psychoanalytic theories from Freud to Winnicott and contemporary research from Gray (2015) and Marcus P & Marcus G (2010). I will navigate the parallels between the

Supervisor: Dr Debbie Wright , Dr Mark Saban



Colchester Campus