Professor Iggy Roca

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Department of Language and Linguistics
Professor Iggy Roca
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He holds undergraduate degrees in Law and Romance Philology, and postgraduate qualifications in Linguistics. His main research activity lies in the areas of phonology and morphology, and he has published a number of papers dealing with such matters as stress, syllables and grammatical gender. He is author of Generative Phonology (Routledge 1994), co-author of Foundations of General Linguistics (Unwin Hyman 1988), and editor of Logical Issues in Language Acquisition (Foris 1990), and Thematic Structure: Its role in Grammar (Foris 1992). He has spent several periods as a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is currently a member of an international team investigating the typology of European languages, sponsored by the European Science Foundation.


  • Lic. en. Der. Santiago, Lic. en Fil. Rom. Barcelona,

  • MA Essex,

  • PhD Essex,

Teaching and supervision

Previous supervision

Mohamed Fathy Khalifa
Mohamed Fathy Khalifa
Thesis title: A Contrasive Metrical Analysis of Word Main Stress in English and Cairene Colloquial Arabic with Reference to L2 English Learning.
Degree subject: Linguistics
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 10/3/2015


Journal articles (2)

Roca, I., (2010). Theme vowel allomorphy in Spanish verb inflection: An autosegmental optimality account. Lingua. 120 (2), 408-434

Roca, I., (2009). Todas las vascas son vascos, y muchos vascos también vascas. Género y sexo en el castellano. Bolet�n de la Real Academia Espa�ola. 89 (299), 77-117

+44 (0) 1206 872187


4.201, Colchester Campus