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Dr Daniela Pianezzi
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Daniela Pianezzi joined Essex Business School in April 2017. She graduated with a PhD in Management from the Sant' Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa (Italy). She was a visiting scholar at the Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences (Denmark) and at the Stockholm Center for Organizational Research(SCORE, Stockholm University, Sweden).


  • PhD in Management (Innovation, Sustainability and Healthcare)

  • MSc in Business Administration and Service Innovation (MAINS)

  • MSc in Philosophy

  • BA in Philosophy

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Ethics and Accountability

Open to supervise

Social Accounting andSustainability

Open to supervise

Migration Management

Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Contemporary Debates in Accounting (BE133)

  • Management Accounting (BE151)

  • Student Success Tutorial (BE916)


Journal articles (8)

Pianezzi, D., We are what we tell: An inquiry into NGOs’ organizational identity and accountability. Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal

Pianezzi, D. and Grossi Giuseppe, (2020). Corruption in migration management: a network perspective. International Review of Administrative Sciences. 86 (1), 152-168

Pianezzi, D., Nørreklit, H. and Cinquini, L., (2020). Academia After Virtue? An Inquiry into the Moral Character(s) of Academics. Journal of Business Ethics. 167 (3), 571-588

Pianezzi, D. and Ashraf, J., (2020). Accounting for ignorance: An investigation into corruption, immigration and the State.. Critical Perspectives on Accounting. Online, 102147-102147

Mauro, SG., Cinquini, L. and Pianezzi, D., (2019). New Public Management between reality and illusion: Analysing the validity of performance-based budgeting. The British Accounting Review, 100825-100825

Grossi, G. and Pianezzi, D., (2018). The new public corruption: Old questions for new challenges. Accounting Forum. 42 (1), 86-101

Grossi, G. and Pianezzi, D., (2017). Smart cities: Utopia or neoliberal ideology?. Cities. 69, 79-85

Pianezzi, D. and Cinquini, L., (2016). Assessing the validity of accounting for human rights: A pragmatic constructivist perspective. Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management. 13 (3), 370-391

Book chapters (1)

Cinquini, L., Campanale, C., Pianezzi, D. and Tenucci, A., (2017). Discovering and Understanding Performance Measurement in a Context of Ambiguity. In: A Philosophy of Management Accounting. A Pragmatic Constructivist Approach. Editors: N�rreklit, H., . Routledge. 188- 207. 9781138930094

+44 (0) 1206 872730


EBS.3.34, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

You can find details of Academic Support hours on the EBS UG and PG information page on Moodle or by calling EBS Student Services on 01206873911