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Dr Ben Pestell

Visiting Fellow
Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
Visiting Fellow
Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
Dr Ben Pestell



Member of the Executive Committee of the Centre for Myth Studies at Essex. Peripatetic teacher of myth and literature. Researcher in the presence of myth in contemporary literature.


  • PhD Literature University of Essex,

  • MA English Literature (Critical Theory) University of Sussex,


Journal articles (3)

Pestell, B., A Branch of Magic, or the Possibility of Myth in Esther Kinsky’s Am Fluß. Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature. 44 (1)

Pestell, (2017). Kindly Terror and Civic Fury: Eumenides and the Language of Myth. Comparative Literature Studies. 54 (2), 305-305

Pestell, (2016). Review. Comparative Literature Studies. 53 (4), 837-837

Books (1)

Pestell, B., Palazzolo, P. and Burnett, L., (2016). Translating Myth. Routledge. 978-1-910887-04-2

Book chapters (4)

Pestell, B., (2018). Ecstatic Atoms: The question of Oresteian individuation. In: The Ecstatic and the Archaic: An Analytical Psychological Inquiry. Editors: Bishop, P. and Gardner, L., . Routledge. 97- 116. 1351403427. 9781351403429

Pestell, B. and Palazzolo, P., (2016). Introduction. In: Translating Myth. Routledge. 1- 10. 1910887048. 9781910887042

Pestell, B., (2016). The Stars’ Earthly Mirror: Heavenly Inversions in the Oresteia of Aeschylus. In: Heavenly Discourses. Editors: Campion, N., . 79- 84. 190776707X. 9781907767074

Pestell, B., (2015). Poetic Re-enchantment in an Age of Crisis: Mortal and Divine Worlds in the Poetry of Alice Oswald. In: Myths in Crisis: The Crisis of Myth. Editors: Losada, JM. and Lipscomb, A., . 213- 221. 1443878146. 9781443878142



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