2020 applicants

Dr Tasos Papastylianou

Senior Research Officer
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Tasos Papastylianou



I am a Senior Research Officer in Machine Learning and Biomedical Signal Processing, working on the Nevermind Project (http://nevermindproject.eu/) which involves intelligent tools and systems enabling depression self management in patients with secondary depression. The Essex team, led by Dr Luca Citi and Prof. Riccardo Poli, is responsible for researching and implementing appropriate computational models and a sophisticated Decision Support System, for providing suitable, real-time inference of patients’ mental state, enabling optimal interventions through highly personalised models and real-time feedback. I was awarded my DPhil in November 2017, in the area of Biomedical Engineering, and specifically Medical Image Analysis, via the CDT in Healthcare Innovation at the University of Oxford. I am a co-founder of Sentimoto Ltd; qualified physician with NHS experience; keen computer scientist; avid squash player; and a concert pianist (Young Musician of the Year 1999 - Cyprus).


Conferences (6)

Christinaki, E., Papastylianou, T., Poli, R. and Citi, L., (2019). Parametric Transfer Learning based on the Fisher Divergence for Well-being Prediction

Papastylianou, T., Dall’ Armellina, E. and Grau, V., (2016). Orientation-Sensitive Overlap Measures for the Validation of Medical Image Segmentations

Papastylianou, T., Kelly, C., Villard, B., Dall’ Armellina, E. and Grau, V., (2015). Fuzzy Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac MRI Using Physiological Constraints

Zhu, T., Behar, J., Papastylianou, T. and Clifford, GD., (2014). CrowdLabel: A crowdsourcing platform for electrophysiology

Zhu, T., Osipov, M., Papastylianou, T., Oster, J., Clifton, DA. and Clifford, GD., (2014). An intelligent cardiac health monitoring and review system

Papastylianou, T., Behar, J., Guazzi, A., Jorge, J., Laranjeira, S., Maraci, MA., Clifford, GD., Hope, RA. and Thomson, P., (2014). Smart handpumps: Technical aspects of a one-year field trial in Rural Kenya




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