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Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies (LiFTS)
Dr Daniel O'Brien



Daniel O’Brien’s research considers the relationship between cinema, interactive art and computer gaming. His work focuses upon the interdisciplinary nature of visual media, particularly how audiences have become participants in visual and audible storytelling through a postphenomenological framework. He has taught and had work published across each of these areas at a range of research institutes and academic journals, including the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media.


  • PhD university of Glasgow, (2016)


University of Essex

  • Department Disability Liaison Officer, LiFTS, University of Essex (9/9/2019 - 8/6/2020)

  • Graduate Director, LiFTS, University of Essex (8/6/2020 - present)

Research and professional activities

Conferences and presentations

Embodying Screen and Story (Video Essay presentation)

Invited presentation, Screen Studies Conference 2022, Screen Studies Conference 2022, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2/7/2022

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Approaches to Film and Media (LT121)

  • Contemporary Television (LT123)

  • Creative Media (LT205)

  • On-screen Anti-heroes (LT229)

  • Video Game Theory (LT399)

  • Independent Film Project (LT833)

  • Independent Project in Film Studies (LT834)

  • Dissertation Preparation: Postgraduate Research and Writing Skills (LT901)

  • Critical Moments in the Theory and History of Film (LT927)

  • Independent Creative Writing Project (LT832)


Journal articles (6)

O'Brien, D., (2020). Extant’s Flatland: Disability and Postphenomenological Narrative. AModern. 10, 1-1

O Brien, DP., (2019). Hap-Tech Narration and the Postphenomenological Film. Philosophies. 4 (3), 47-47

O'Brien, DP., (2018). Somaster Fiction and the Avatarial Game Body. Evental Aesthetics. 7 (1), 138-171

O'Brien, DP., (2017). The pervasive and the digital. International Journal of E-Politics. 8 (3), 30-41

O'Brien, DP., (2017). Postphenomenological performance in interactive narrative. International Journal of E-Politics. 8 (2), 40-55

O'Brien, DP., (2017). Postphenomenological performance: bodily extensions in interactive art. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. 13 (2), 120-136

Book chapters (3)

O'Brien, DP., (2023). Digital love: Love through the screen/of the screen. In: Love and the Politics of Intimacy Bodies, Boundaries, Liberation. Editors: Dikova, S., McMahon, W. and Savage, J., . 9781501387371

O'Brien, DP., (2022). Media Ownership and Digital Authenticity in Slum TV. In: Media Ownership in Africa in the Digital Age Challenges, Continuity and Change. Editors: Mano, W. and El Mkaouar, L., . Routledge. 248- 265. 9781003111924

O'Brien, D., (2020). The Pervasive and the Digital: Immersive Worlds in Four Interactive Artworks. In: Handbook of Research on Recent Developments in Internet Activism and Political Participation. Editors: Ibrahim, Y., . IGI Global. 69- 85. 9781799847960

Other (2)

O'Brien, D., (2022).The TV dictionary and my first cuts and edits into videographic criticism,CST Online

O'Brien, D., (2019).John Marmysz (2017) Cinematic Nihilism: Encounters, Confrontations, Overcomings. Film-Philosophy. 23(1),Edinburgh University Press

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