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  • PhD

  • University of Alicante 2008.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

(Evolutionary) Game Theory

Learning and Categorization

Models of (Bounded) Rationality

Social Networks

Behavioural and Experimental Economics

Family and health economics;

Teaching and supervision

  • Navigating the Digital World (CS220)

  • Behavioural Economics II: Games and Markets (EC914)

  • Cognitive Psychology and Economics (EC956)


Journal articles (26)

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Book chapters (1)

Grimm, V., Mengel, F., Ponti, G. and Viianto, LA., (2009). Investment incentives in auctions: An experiment. In: Experiments and Competition Policy. 267- 300. 9780511576201

Grants and funding


Homophily and (Over) - Confidence

British Academy


Early years interaction and strategic behaviour in economic games

The British Academy

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5B.313, Colchester Campus

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