Dr Christian McMillan

Visiting Fellow
Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
Dr Christian McMillan



Senior Research Officer 'One World': Logical and ethical implications of holism (AHRC)


  • PhD Depth psychology/Philosophy The University of Essex, (2013)


University of Essex

  • Senior Research Officer, Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, The University of Essex (1/6/2016 - 1/6/2018)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

The history of Analytical Psychology

Key words: Jung, Deleuze, Bergson, vitalism, holism

German Romantic philosophy

Kant and Post-Kantian thought

Deleuze and Deleuze Studies


Journal articles (1)

McMillan, C., (2018). Jung and Deleuze: Enchanted Openings to the Other: A Philosophical Contribution. International Journal of Jungian Studies. 10 (3), 184-198

Book chapters (1)

Mcmillan, KHC., (2012). Archetypal Intuition: Beyond the human (A theory of archetype not a theory of knowledge). In: Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society. Editors: Henderson, D., . Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 38- 66. 144383811X. 9781443838115

Thesis dissertation (1)

Mcmillan, KHC., (2018). The 'image of thought' in Jung's 'whole Self': A critical study



Colchester Campus

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