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I am currently supervising the following PhD students: Stephen Claffey, 'Psychological surrender or being moved to give: a phenomenological study interpreted from an analytical psychology perspective' Naoko Nakamura, 'Japanese mentality: subjectivity, consciousness, and ego-self relationships' Luis Moris, 'Post-mortal phenomena, C. G. Jung, and his psychology' John Boyle, 'An investigation into the influence of western esoteric traditions upon psychoanalytic theories of mind' Orsolya Lukacs,'A study on the historical and theoretical connection between Jung and Einstein' (co-supervised with Dr Kevin Lu) Mark Saban, 'The dialectical psyche: opposites and their tensions within Jung's psychology' (co-supervised with Dr Matt ffytche) Huseyin Firat, 'The Jungian process of individuation in Sufism' Xiao You, 'Archetype and archetypal image in Chinese myths and legends' Henriette Heide-Jorgensen, 'Religion and transformation' I have supervised the following successful doctoral theses: Steve Myers, 'Mythology for Christians' (2017, PhD) Valeria Cespedes Musso,'Marian apparitions incultural contexts: applying Jungian depth psychological concepts to mass visions of the Virgin Mary'(2017, PhD) Giovanni Colacicchi, 'Jung and ethics: a conceptual exploration' (2016, PhD) Patrick Schotanus, 'The archetypal market hypothesis: a complex psychology perspective on the market's mind' (2016, PhD; co-supervised with Professor Andrew Wood, Essex Business School) Christian McMillan, 'The image of thought in Jung's Whole-Self: a critique' (co-supervised with Dr Matt ffytche) (2015, PhD) Christina Sjöström,'Searchesfor s/Self: personal and spiritual transformation in Jung's psychology and holistic spirituality'(2015, PhD) Teodora Velletri, 'Mircea Eliade and C. G. Jung:a comparative study' (2015, PhD) Marcel van den Akker, 'To be full of things is to be empty of God: renunciation in Catholicism and analytical psychology' (2013, PhD) Mathew Mather, 'The alchemical Mercurius: esoteric symbol of Jung's life and works' (2013, PhD) David Henderson, 'Apophatic elements in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis: Pseudo-Dionysius and C. G. Jung' (2012, PhD; external supervisor for Goldsmiths College, University of London) Kevin Lu,'Jung and history' (2011, PhD) Christine Driver, 'The Holy Mother and the shadow of death: the psychological impact of conflated shadows and Catholicism' (2009, D. An. Psych.) Lloyd Keane, 'Routes of wholeness: Jung and the western esoteric tree of life' (2006, PhD) Trudy Bendayan, 'Ecce mulier: Nietzsche and the eternal feminine—an analytical psychological perspective' (2005, PhD) Lucy Huskinson, 'Nietzsche and Jung: the whole self in the union of opposites' (2002, PhD; co-supervised with Professor Simon Critchley)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Historical, philosophical, religious and cultural contexts of the work of C G Jung

Depth psychology (especially Jungian psychology), religion and modernity

Analytical psychology and society


Teaching and supervision

  • The Unconscious: Analytical Psychology, Culture and Society - Jung (PA209)

  • Current Debates in Depth Psychology (PA407)

  • Pre-Sessional Module on Basic Jungian Concepts (PA702)

  • Key Texts of C G Jung (PA971)


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Books (1)

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Book chapters (9)

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