Mariam Malik

School of Health and Social Care
 Mariam Malik



Mariam is a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, in the area of Early Years. Her work and experience is located in the NHS and the charity/ voluntary sector. Mariam is a part of Homelessness Clinical Excellence Network (CEN) and is involved in various community based projects with a commitment rooted in Racial, Health and Disability Justice. Mariam has a scholarly interest in a praxis of Child Public Health at the intersection of early childhood, Black feminist thought and a Feminist Political Theory of Health. Mariam's teaching is a curious endeavour to further understanding of systemic inequality and harm. As well as systems thinking and change with a vision for solution building to develop an equitable practice of health.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Development of Individuals Throughout their Lifespan (HS135)

  • Introduction to Speech and Language Therapy (HS235)

  • Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours Portfolio 1 (HS705)

  • Speech and Language Therapy Foundation Studies 1 (HS830)

  • Skills 2 Portfolio (HS708)

  • Identification of Developmental Communication Abilities and Difficulties (HS231)

  • Identification of Acquired Communication Abilities and Difficulties (HS232)



Colchester Campus