Dr Adrian Mallows

Senior Lecturer
School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences
Dr Adrian Mallows



Adrian joined the University of Essex in 2013. Prior to joining he worked as a physiotherapist for the NHS and in the private sector. He completed his PhD in 2019 exploring cognitive and contextual factors for optimising outcomes for individuals with tendon-related pain.


  • PhD University of Essex,

  • MSc Manual Therapy Manchester Metropolitan University,

  • BSc Physiotherapy Keele University,

  • PgCHE University of Essex,


University of Essex

  • MSc (pre reg) Physiotherapy Programme Lead, University of Essex (1/8/2016 - present)

  • Deputy Director of Education, SRES, University of Essex (1/8/2017 - 1/8/2018)

  • MSc (pre reg) Physiotherapy Admissions Tutor, University of Essex (1/8/2019 - present)

Other academic

  • External Examiner, University of Brighton (1/8/2015 - 1/8/2019)

  • External Examiner, Manchester Metropolitan University (1/10/2019 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests


Psychosocial influences on outcomes

Client / Therapist interaction

Conferences and presentations

Education & tendinopathy update

International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium, 11/11/2023

Managing complexity in Achilles tendinopathy

Invited presentation, AHP Suffolk Symposium: Unravelling the web of MSK care, 15/11/2019

The role of therapeutic alliance and outcome in Achilles tendinopathy

Invited presentation, Annual Conference, St. Mary's Hospital, 23/3/2019

Measuring patient reported outcomes; how useful is the VISA-A?

5th International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium, University Medical Centre, Groningen, Netherlands, 27/9/2018

Optimising outcomes in common MSK conditions: considering psychological, cognitive & contextual factors

Invited presentation, The Sporting Mind, London, United Kingdom, 22/9/2018

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Applied Anatomy and Pathophysiology (SE117)

  • Physiotherapy Led Assessment (SE118)

  • Understanding Self and Others (SE120)

  • Developing Self and Others (SE231)

  • Physiotherapy Led Interventions (SE232)

  • Promoting Health and Activity (SE233)

  • Research Methods (SE234)

  • Evidencing Practice and Continuing Professional Development (SE314)

  • Research Project (SE343)

  • Applied Anatomy and Pathophysiology (SE751)

  • Understanding Self and Others (SE752)

  • Physiotherapy Led Assessment & Treatment (SE753)

  • Critical Enquiry (SE756)

  • Research Project (SE760)

  • Coaching Practice Placement (SE765)


Journal articles (23)

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Do working alliance, patient outcome expectations and self-efficacy predict changes in pain and disability from treatment for Achilles tendinopathy?

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