Clearing 2021

Yiwei Li

EBS - Finance
 Yiwei Li

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Corporate Finance (BE311)

  • Financial Management (BE329)

  • Corporate Finance (BE350)


Journal articles (3)

Li, Y. and Zhang, X-Y., (2019). Impact of board gender composition on corporate debt maturity structures. European Financial Management. 25 (5), 1286-1320

Li, Y. and Zeng, Y., (2019). The impact of top executive gender on asset prices: Evidence from stock price crash risk. Journal of Corporate Finance. 58, 528-550

Li, Y., Gong, M., Zhang, X-Y. and Koh, L., (2018). The impact of environmental, social, and governance disclosure on firm value: The role of CEO power. The British Accounting Review. 50 (1), 60-75

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