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Dr Seonghui Lee
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  • Ph.D. in Political Science Rice University, (2015)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Government, University of Essex (1/7/2018 - present)

Other academic

  • Assistant professor, Political Science, Aarhus University (7/2015 - 6/2018)

  • Pre-/Post-doctoral research fellow, University of Zurich (2014 - 2015)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Concepts and Measurements in Comparative Political Research (GV922)


Journal articles (10)

Wenzelburger, G., Jensen, C., Lee, S. and Arndt, C., (2020). How Governments Strategically Time Welfare State Legislation: Empirical Evidence From Five European Countries. West European Politics. 43 (6), 1285-1314

Lee, S., Jensen, C., Arndt, C. and Wenzelburger, G., (2020). Risky Business? Welfare State Reforms and Government Support in Britain and Denmark. British Journal of Political Science. 50 (1), 1-20

Jensen, C. and Lee, S., (2019). Mass media attention to welfare state reforms: evidence from Britain, 1996–2014. West European Politics. 42 (1), 113-132

Lee, S., Haime, A. and Stevenson, R., (2019). Measuring Knowledge of Parties’ Legislative Seat Shares. Political Science Research and Methods. 7 (1), 185-196

Lee, S. and Matsuo, A., (2018). Decomposing political knowledge: What is confidence in knowledge and why it matters. Electoral Studies. 51, 1-13

Jensen, C., Arndt, C., Lee, S. and Wenzelburger, G., (2018). Policy instruments and welfare state reform. Journal of European Social Policy. 28 (2), 161-176

Matsuo, A. and Lee, S., (2018). Multi-dimensional Policy Preferences in the 2015 British General Election: A Conjoint Analysis. Electoral Studies. 55, 89-98

Lee, S., Lin, N. and Stevenson, RT., (2016). An expanded empirical evaluation of the cross-national comparability of survey measures of political interest using anchoring vignettes: A research note. Electoral Studies. 44, 423-428

Lee, S., Lin, NCN. and Stevenson, RT., (2015). Evaluating the cross-national comparability of survey measures of political interest using anchoring vignettes. Electoral Studies. 39, 205-218

Lee, S., (2014). Party Responsiveness to the Collective Judgment of the Electorate. Comparative Political Studies. 47 (14), 1973-1999

+44 (0) 1206 873021


5.422, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

Thursday 1-3pm

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