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Dr Sergio Lo Iacono
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Research and professional activities

Research interests

Experimental Sociology

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Climate Change

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Social Cohesion

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Social Networks

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Quantitative Methods

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Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Migration

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Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Introduction to Crime, Law and Society (SC104)

  • Career Development and Making a Difference (SC199)

  • Researching the Real World: Quantitative Approaches to Studying Crime and Society (SC202)

  • Modelling Crime and Society (SC385)


Journal articles (12)

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Books (1)

Barradas de Freitas, R. and Lo Iacono, S., (2021). Trust Matters Cross-Disciplinary Essays. Hart Publishing. 9781509935253

Book chapters (1)

Lo Iacono, S. and Testori, M., (2021). Who are We Trusting? A Category-Based Formalisation of Trust. In: Trust Matters Cross-Disciplinary Essays. Editors: Barradas de Freitas, R. and Lo Iacono, S., . Hart Publishing. 35- 54. 978-1-50993-525-3

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