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Dimitrios joined the University of Essex in 2020. Prior to that he was Associate Professor at the University of Reading (2014-20), Lecturer at the University of Sheffield (2007-14), and Hauser Global Law Fellow at New York University (2006-7). His main research interests are in legal and political philosophy, constitutional theory and human rights law. He is the author of Shared Authority: Courts and Legislatures in Legal Theory (Hart 2015) and Where Our Protection Lies: Separation of Powers and Constitutional Review (OUP 2017).


  • DPhil University of Oxford,

  • MPhil University of Oxford,

  • MJur University of Oxford,

  • LLB University of Athens,

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Human Rights: Theories and Applications (HU901)

  • Foundations of Public Law (LW103)

  • Jurisprudence (LW301)

  • Final Year Research Project (LW304)


Journal articles (14)

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Books (4)

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Book chapters (6)

Kyritsis, D., The limits of neutrality in the legal philosophy of Stavros Tsakyrakis

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Reports and Papers (2)

Kyritsis, D., (2020). The Two Lives of Law’s Moral Aim

Kyritsis, D., (2019). Williams and Rawls in Philadelphia

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