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Dr Sebastian Korb



I earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Strasbourg, France, and a Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, where I also did an internship with Jack van Honk and Dennis Schutter. I went on to get a Ph.D in experimental psychology from Geneva University, under the supervision of Didier Grandjean and Klaus Scherer. A fellowship for prospective researchers from the Swiss National Science Foundation allowed me to do a 2-year postdoc with Paula Niedenthal (and spend time in Richard Davidson‘s lab) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Afterwards I moved to the laboratory of Raffaella Rumiati in the Neuroscience department at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste, Italy. I then spent 3 years as a postdoc in the Psychology department at the University of Vienna, Austria, where I mainly studied the neural bases of primary and social reward in a project with Giorgia Silani and Chris Eisenegger. In 2019 I became PI of a Stand-Alone grant by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) to investigate the role of facial feedback in emotion recognition using neuromuscular electric stimulation. Since January 2020 I am a lecturer at the Department of Psychology of the University of Essex.


  • PhD University of Geneva, (2010)

  • MSc Utrecht University, (2006)

  • BSc University of Strasbourg, (2004)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Psychology, University of Essex (1/1/2020 - present)

Other academic

  • Postdoc, Psychology, University of Vienna (16/9/2016 - 31/12/2019)

  • Postdoc, Neuroscience, International School for Advanced Studies (1/9/2014 - 15/9/2016)

  • Research Associate, Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Madison (1/4/2014 - 30/6/2014)

  • Postdoc, Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Madison (1/4/2012 - 31/3/2014)

  • Postdoc, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva (1/1/2011 - 31/3/2012)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Embodiment in facial emotion recognition

I am particularly interested in understanding how proprioceptive information about our own body (e.g. facial feedback) is generated and how it contributes to processing, recognition, and awareness of emotions in others (e.g. facial expressions). When focusing on the face, this line of research requires understanding the psychological processes and neural substrates underlying the perception and production of facial expressions, as well as visuo-proprioceptive multisensory integration.

Key words: embodiment

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Experiencing Emotion (PS103)

  • Brain and Behaviour (PS411)

  • Seeing and Hearing (PS414)

  • Enhancing employability and career planning (PS417)

  • The Neuroscience of Human Nature (PS495)

  • Special Topics in Individual Differences and Developmental Psychology (PS938)

  • Advanced Brain and Behaviour (PS943)


Publications (5)

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Journal articles (34)

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Book chapters (2)

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Conferences (4)

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Reports and Papers (3)

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Neuromuscular electric stimulation and social cognition

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