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Theodore joined the Law School as a Senior Lecturer in 2016, and has been Professor of Law since 2018. His research and teaching interests lie broadly in the field of constitutional and administrative law, EU Law and constitutional theory. He has written on a number of issues, primarily on principles of constitutionalism such as the separation of powers and the rule of law. The European context in which public law develops, including where competence lies, how the EU's competences are used and what that means for national sovereignty are key areas of Theodore's research. Theodore has previously taught at the University College London and the University of Surrey. He has been a visiting professor at various institutions and a research fellow, most recently at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London and the Centre for European Law at Kings College London. He advised the European Scrutiny Committee of the House of Commons and acted consultant for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office during the Government's Balance of Competence Review prior to the 2016 UK-EU referendum. He has also undertaken twice (in 2014 and 2018) research on the constitutional challenges in the European Monetary Union funded by the European Central Bank. Since the beginning of 2022 he has been working together with Dr Nikos Vogiatzis on an empirical project funded by the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman looking into how the provincial ombud offices in Canada perceive their role and contribution to constitutional principles. Theodore is currently senior editor of the Nordic Journal of European Law based at Lund University's Faculty of Law. He is the author of three monographs. His first book entitled 'Division of Powers in EU Law' was quoted by Advocate General Tanchev of the Court of Justice of the EU in Case C-414/16 Egenberger (2017) concerning the extent to which occupational requirements of religious organisations may be judicially reviewed. His most recent book on the 'Rule of Law in the European Union' has been reviewed in the European Human Rights Law Review (2018), the European Law Review (2019) and Public Law (2019) where it has been described as 'a fundamental doctrinal input to the dialectic exercise surrounding rule of law debates'. Theodore is currently working on a new monograph entitled 'The UK Constitution and Foreign Affairs' which will be published by Oxford University Press. The aim of the book is to explore the separation of powers and especially the constitutional limits to executive power in the conduct of foreign policy. He is also working on a piece about judicial independence in the UK after Brexit which follows up from his work as national rapporteur for the UK at the congress of the International Federation of European Law (FIDE 2021) on the role of national courts in the EU legal order. Theodore is currently supervising two PhD students: Mr Abdullah Almajed working on judicial review in Saudi Arabia and Miss Amelie Godfrey researching the constitutional protection of derivative citizenship rights in the UK after Brexit. He welcomes approaches for supervision.


  • LLB Qld University of Kent,

  • LLM University of Kent,

  • PhD in Law University College London,

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Constitutional concepts: such as the rule of law, constitutional identity and sovereignty

The constitutional ramifications of the UK's departure from the European Union

European and comparative constitutional law

EU external relations: esp. EU implied powers; Security policy and the relationship between EU and public international law

Human rights law: Effective judicial protection of EU and ECHR rights and national remedies

Constitutional and Administrative Justice Initiative

Administrative Justice, Constitutional and Public Law, Social Justice, Judicial Review.

Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

FIDE 2020 National Rapporteur

Invited presentation, International Federation of European Law Congress (FIDE) 2020, International Federation of European Law Congress (FIDE) 2020, The Hague, Netherlands, 21/5/2020


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Books (7)

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Book chapters (14)

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Reports and Papers (1)

Konstadinides, T., (2018). The role of Parliament in the Constitution inquiry

Other (2)

Karapapa, S., Karatzia, A., Konstadinides, T. and O'Connor, N., (2020).Response to the consultation by the Ministry of Justice on the departure from retained EU case law by UK courts and tribunals,University of Essex, School of Law

Dzehtsiarou, K., Baker, RRB., Fontanelli, F., Ioannidou, M., Jago, R., Konstadinides, T. and Sarvarian, A., (2015).Family Visits for Life Long Prisoners: Written Comments in Khoroshenko v Russia. SSRN Electronic Journal,SSRN

Grants and funding


Provincial Ombud Offices in Canada and fundamental constitutional principles: An empirical study

Forum of Canadian Ombudsman

Policy paper on 'European Citizenship revisited: A constitutional analysis of the transition from free movement rights to citizenship rights'

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