Geza Koczian

Research Officer
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
 Geza Koczian


Conferences (4)

Parker, MC., Koczian, G., Walker, SD., Habel, K., Jungnickel, V., Rokkas, T., Neokosmidis, I., Siddiqui, MS., Escalona, E., Canales-Valenzuela, C., Foglar, A., Ulbricht, M., Liu, Y., Point, JC., Kritharidis, D., Katsaros, KV., Trouva, E., Angelopoulos, Y., Filis, K., Lyberopoulos, G., Zetserov, E., Levi, D., Kralj, P. and Jenko, P., (2017). Ultra-low latency 5G CHARISMA architecture for secure intelligent transportation verticals

Parker, MC., Koczian, G., Adeyemi-Ejeye, F., Quinlan, T., Walker, SD., Legarrea, A., Siddiqui, MS., Escalona, E., Spirou, S., Kritharidis, D., Habel, K., Jungnickel, V., Trouva, E., Kourtis, A., Liu, Y., Frigau, MS., Point, JC., Lyberopoulos, G., Theodoropoulou, E., Filis, K., Rokkas, T., Neokosmidis, I., Levi, D., Zetserov, E., Foglar, A., Ulbricht, M., Peternel, B. and Gustincic, D., (2016). CHARISMA: Converged heterogeneous advanced 5G cloud-RAN architecture for intelligent and secure media access

Parker, MC., Koczian, G., Quinlan, T. and Walker, SD., (2015). High capacity communications at 24 GHz and 60 GHz for converged 5G networking

Koczian, G., Walker, S., Howell, G. and Simpkin, B., (2015). A 10 Gbit/s Ethernet infrastructure for future-proofed railway communications

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