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Dr. Young-Ah Kim joined Essex Business School as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in 2013. She studied at University of East Anglia (UK) and Chonbuk National University (South Korea). Formerly, she worked as a research assistant professor at Korea University, and a part-time lecturer for several universities and research institutions including Chonbuk National University, Wonkwang University, Sungshin University and Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies (aSSIST) in South Korea. Additionally, she was a visiting scholar at San Jose State University (USA), Plymouth University and University of East Anglia (UK). As a C.P.M (Certified Purchasing Manager), she has contributed to the training of purchasing or marketing managers in SMEs or international companies as well as has been interested in value creation and relationship management between supplier-buyer in the supply chain. Moreover, she has been building on research networks in marketing and supply chain management as well as networks with executives and managers, particularly, in the automotive, semiconductor and construction industries in the USA, the UK, and South Korea. Regarding research methodology, Young-Ah's quantitative strengths include structural equation modelling (SEM) where she has experience in several software programs, such as Mplus, LISREL, AMOS, SmartPLS, GeSCA, and SPSS. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) Editorial Review Board Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (JEEE); Reviewer International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research (IJEBR); Reviewer Business Ethics: A European Review; Reviewer Asia Pacific Business Review; Reviewer Korea Review of International Studies (KRIS); Member C.P.M. (Certified Purchasing Manager issued by the Institute for Supply Management, USA); Member British Academy of Management (BAM); Member Academy of Marketing (AM); Member European Marketing Academy (EMAC); Member International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB); Member Korean Academic Association of Business Administration; Member Korean Academic Society of Business Administration; Member Korean Marketing Association; Member Korean Distribution Association; Member Korean Society of Consumer Studies; Member Korean Association of Business Education Principal Investigator (1 out of Essex PIs) Accelerating Women's Enterprise project (AWE) that is supported by the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme


University of Essex

  • Senior Personal Tutor, Essex Business School (1/10/2013 - present)

  • Undergraduate Programme Director, MSE Group, Essex Business School (1/1/2019 - 30/4/2019)

  • Progress Officer, Essex Business School, University of Essex (1/2019 - 4/2019)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Innovation in the high-tech industry

Open to supervise

Absorptive capacity

Open to supervise

Business-to-Business Relationship Marketing

Open to supervise

Business Network and Relationship Management between Firms

Open to supervise

Quantitative Methods in Marketing (Advanced SEM, Hierarchical model, Choice Modelling)

Open to supervise

Relationship Value in Business Contexts

Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

Kim, Y., Kim., K and Moffatt, P. (2020), Promoting product innovation under market uncertainty

Invited presentation, British Academy of Management 2020 Conference, 2/9/2020

Kim, C., Kim, Y. and Kim, K. (2020), The myth and presence of Smart City transformation in Korea

Invited presentation, Society of Open Innovation, 13/7/2020

Liu, W., Kim, Y. and Kwong, C. (2019), Bricolage as a Path from Strategic Alliances to Radical Innovation for Social Enterprises

Invited presentation, Knowledge Networks: An Interdisciplinary Paper Development Workshop, 9/10/2019

Liu, W., Kim, Y. and Kwong, C. (2019), An Exploratory Research of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Bricolage and Innovation Outcomes for Social Enterprise

Invited presentation, British Academy of Management 2019 Conference, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 4/9/2019

Liu, W., Kim, Y. and Kwong, C. (2019), Bricolage as a Path from Strategic Alliances to Radical Innovation for Social Enterprises: The Moderating Role of Inter-firms Trust

Invited presentation, The 6th Frontiers of Business Research in China International Conference, Beijing, China, 24/5/2019

Arranz, N., Kim, Y. and Fernandez de Arroyabe, J. (2018), Cooperation for innovation in the service sector

Invited presentation, British Academy of Management (BAM) 2018, Bristol, United Kingdom, 6/9/2018

Kim, Y. and Chryssochoidis, G. (2018), How do relationship characteristics create relationship value? Evidence from high-tech SMEs

Invited presentation, European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) 2018, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 30/5/2018

Kim, Y. (2017), Types of Relationship Value and Their Antecedents in the Technology-Intensive Industries

Invited presentation, European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) 2017, Groningen, The Netherlands, 2017

Kim, Y., Chryssochoidis, G. and Tzokas, N. (2016), Interaction Characteristics in the Supply Chain and their Consequences in the High-Tech Industry

Invited presentation, Academy of Marketing Conference 2016, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 2016

Kim, Y. and Moffatt, P. (2015), Generalised Additive Modelling of the Repayment Performance

Credit Scoring and Credit Control XIV, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 3/8/2015

Kim, Y., Akbar, H. and Tzokas, N. (2012), Absorptive Capacity and Performance: The Role of Customer Relationship and Technological Capabilities,

Invited presentation, Academy of Marketing Conference 2012, Southampton, United Kingdom, 7/2012

Kim, Y., Chryssochoidis, G. and Tzokas, N. (2010),The Effect of Relational Polity and Operational Integration on Performance in Channel Relationships

Invited presentation, The IAMB Conference 2010, Madrid, Spain, 1/7/2010

Kim, Y. (2009), A Study on the Relationship Orientation of Supply Companies in the Construction Industry

Invited presentation, The IMP conference 2009, Marseille, France, 2009

Kim, Y. (2006), Reverse logistics management system in Korean publishing industry

Invited presentation, International Conference Integrated Management associations, South Korea, 16/8/2006

Park, T., Kim, J., Song, Y. and Kim, Y. (2006), A Survey Study on Outsourcing of Chip Manufacturing from Fabless Companies

Invited presentation, Pan Pacific XXIII Conference, Busan, South Korea, 1/5/2006

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Communication and Intercultural Skills (BE241)

  • Services Marketing (BE513)

  • Business-To-Business Marketing (BE514)

  • Consumer Behaviour (BE516)

  • Marketing Communications (BE531)

Previous supervision

Wentong Liu
Wentong Liu
Thesis title: Resource Mobilisation and Social Entrepreneurship: Social Bricolage as Antecedent and Outcome
Degree subject: Entrepreneurship
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 1/6/2020


Journal articles (4)

Fernandez De Arroyabe Fernandez, JC., Arranz, N. and Kim, Y-A., An approach to the cooperation for innovation in the service sector. International Journal of Innovation Management, 2150054-2150054

Cheung, C., Kwong, CCY., Manzoor, H., Rashid, MU., Bhattarai, C. and Kim, Y-A., (2019). The co-creation of social ventures through bricolage, for the displaced, by the displaced. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research. 25 (5), 1093-1127

Tzokas, N., Kim, YA., Akbar, H. and Al-Dajani, H., (2015). Absorptive capacity and performance: The role of customer relationship and technological capabilities in high-tech SMEs. Industrial Marketing Management. 47, 134-142

Kim, YA., Akbar, H., Tzokas, N. and Al-Dajani, H., (2014). Systems thinking and absorptive capacity in high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises from South Korea. International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship. 32 (8), 876-896

Reports and Papers (2)

Kim, YA., (2020) Development of an Innovation Framework & Eco-System for the South East Region in the UK

Kim, YA. and Moffatt, PG., (2016). Generalized additive modelling of the repayment performance of Korean borrowers

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