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Dr Ali Kafash Hoshiar

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Ali Kafash Hoshiar
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Since 2009, Dr. Hoshiar has been working on small scale robotics (actuation, sensing, and control), and he gained experience in modelling, simulation, and development of mechatronic systems in medical applications. He joined the University of Essex as Lecturer in mechatronics in 2019. Before joining the Essex, he was a research fellow at STORM Lab University of Leeds (UK) where he was focusing on the development of soft continuum magnetic robots for surgical intervention (an EPSRC funded fellowship). He also has developed the world’s first soft continuum microrobot used for angioplasty application in DGIST-ETH joint microrobotics research centre (Switzerland, S. Korea). In S. Korea he also collaborated with GIST intelligence medical robotics laboratory (S. Korea) for developing magnetic-based mechatronics systems. His research interests revolve around Micro/nanotechnology and Robotics for health care and environmental applications.


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, University of Essex (11/9/2019 - present)

Other academic

  • Research Fellow, University of Leeds (STORM Lab) (1/2/2019 - 1/9/2019)

  • Research Fellow, DGIST-ETH Microrobotics Research Center (DEMRC) (1/9/2017 - 31/1/2019)

  • Research Fellow, Gyeongsang National University (GNU) (1/12/2015 - 31/8/2017)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Soft Robotics


Open to supervise

Swarm micro/nanorobotics


Open to supervise

Mechatronics Systems for Small Scale Robotics


Open to supervise

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Advanced Embedded Systems Design (CE323)

  • Advanced Embedded Systems Design (CE860)

  • Sensors and Actuators (CE216)


Journal articles (9)

Kafash Hoshiar, A., Le, T-A., Valdastri, P. and Yoon, J., (2020). Swarm of magnetic nanoparticles steering in multi-bifurcation vessels under fluid flow. Journal of Micro-bio Robotics

Lee, S., Kim, J-Y., Kim, J., Kafash Hoshiar, A., Park, J., Lee, S., Kim, J., Pané, S., Nelson, BJ. and Choi, H., (2020). A Needle-Type Microrobot for Targeted Drug Delivery by Affixing to a Microtissue.. Advanced Healthcare Materials. 9 (7), 1901697-1901697

Lloyd, P., Hoshiar, AK., da Veiga, T., Attanasio, A., Marahrens, N., Chandler, JH. and Valdastri, P., (2020). A Learnt Approach for the Design of Magnetically Actuated Shape Forming Soft Tentacle Robots. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. 5 (3), 3937-3944

Jeon, S., Kafash Hoshiar, A., Kim, K., Lee, S., Kim, E., Lee, S., Kim, J-Y., Nelson, BJ., Cha, H-J., Yi, B-J. and Choi, H., (2019). A Magnetically Controlled Soft Microrobot Steering a Guidewire in a Three-Dimensional Phantom Vascular Network. Soft Robotics. 6 (1), 54-68

Kafash Hoshiar, A., Jeon, S., Kim, K., Lee, S., Kim, J-Y. and Choi, H., (2018). Steering Algorithm for a Flexible Microrobot to Enhance Guidewire Control in a Coronary Angioplasty Application. Micromachines. 9 (12), 617-617

Kafash Hoshiar, A., Le, T-A., Ul Amin, F., Kim, M. and Yoon, J., (2018). A Novel Magnetic Actuation Scheme to Disaggregate Nanoparticles and Enhance Passage across the Blood–Brain Barrier. Nanomaterials. 8 (1), 3-3

Zhang, X., Le, T-A., Kafash Hoshiar, A. and Yoon, J., (2018). A Soft Magnetic Core can Enhance Navigation Performance of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Targeted Drug Delivery. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics. 23 (4), 1573-1584

Amin, FU., Kafash Hoshiar, A., Do, TD., Noh, Y., Shah, SA., Khan, MS., Yoon, J. and Kim, MO., (2017). Osmotin-loaded magnetic nanoparticles with electromagnetic guidance for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Nanoscale. 9 (30), 10619-10632

Kafash Hoshiar, A., Le, T-A., Amin, FU., Kim, MO. and Yoon, J., (2017). Studies of aggregated nanoparticles steering during magnetic-guided drug delivery in the blood vessels. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. 427, 181-187


+44 (0) 1206 872060


1NW.3.15, Colchester Campus

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Monday 13:00 to 15:00