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Dr. Stephen Joseph is a Lecturer of Nursing in the School of Health and Social Care. Stephen has a clinical background in adult and mental health nursing in Australian states, with experiences in acute inpatient, emergency responses, community care teams, case management settings, young persons mental health, and coordinating a mental health support charity in London. His lecturing experience in the United Kingdom and Australia include health and social care, leadership and management in healthcare, and research skills at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has also provided supervision for Master dissertations in health and social care, and advice to doctoral students. Stephen is passionate about evidence-based approaches to holistic health care, health promotion via psycho-socio-cultural ambits, and innovation laden-evidence informed education in healthcare, Stephen’s doctorate applied one to one interview and focus group tools to investigate service user perspectives on their mental health experiences. This has guided his research into disparities in health outcomes, exploring triangle of care perspectives and preventative domains for holistic approaches to well-being. He has also worked in community participatory research, and played an active role in a major NIHR School of Social Care Research (SSCR) commissioned study into socially oriented approaches to recovery in mental health for minority ethnic communities in the United Kingdom. His research interests include using a variety of research methodologies, quantitative and qualitative approaches, including development of a quantitative instrument, use of thematic analysis, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, and collaborative working to promote evidence based approaches to teaching and clinical research.


  • PhD Health & Social Care Royal Holloway University of London,

  • Postgraduate Diploma of Nursing Science in Mental Health La Trobe University,

  • Master of Nursing Science (MNSc) University of Melbourne,

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) London South Bank University,

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) University of Queensland,


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, University of Essex (10/1/2022 - present)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Person-Centred Care 1 (HS184)

  • Participatory Research for Service Improvement (HS195)

  • Person-Centred Care 1 (HS221)

  • Participatory Research for Service Improvement (HS227)

  • The Therapeutic Practitioner (HS245)

  • Supervising Learning in Clinical Practice (HS197)

  • Supervising Learning in Clinical Practice (HS229)

  • The Therapeutic Practitioner (HS189)

  • The Therapeutic Practitioner (HS226)

  • Fundmentals of Behavioural Sciences (HS182)

  • Fundamentals of Behavioural Sciences (HS199)


Journal articles (5)

Joseph, S., (2021). Locus of control: the impact on self-leadership and effectiveness in healthcare teams. British Journal of Healthcare Management. 27 (8), 1-5

Southby, K., Keating, F. and Joseph, S., (2021). The Meanings of Mental Health Recovery for African and Caribbean Men in the UK. International Journal of Mens Social and Community Health. 4 (1), e83-e95

Joseph, S. and Keating, F., (2021). Self-control and Mental Health? Exploring Perceptions of Control from the Experiences of Black and Minority Communities. Advanced Journal of Social Science. 8 (1), 145-163

Joseph, S. and Keating, F., (2021). Improving Mental Health Outcomes for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities: A Quantitative Study into Perception of Control. Advanced Journal of Social Science. 8 (1), 37-53

Williamson, R., Lauricella, K., Browning, A., Tierney, E., Chen, J., Joseph, S., Sharrock, J., Trauer, T. and Hamilton, B., (2014). Patient factors associated with incidents of aggression in a general inpatient setting. Journal of Clinical Nursing. 23 (7-8), 1144-1152

Books (2)

Joseph, S., Controlling my life?: How to Achieve Positive Mental Health Outcomes for Minority Ethnic Communities from Their Own Perspectives

(2022). COPRODUCTION Towards Equality in Mental Healthcare. 1915220033. 9781915220035

Book chapters (1)

Southby, K., Keating, F. and Joseph, S., (2022). Mental health recovery through coproduction: African and Caribbean men's experiences in the United Kingdom. In: Coproduction: towards equality in mental healthcare. Editors: Raffay, J., Bryant, D., Fisher, P., McKeown, M., Mills, C. and Thornton, T.,

Reports and Papers (1)

Keating, F., Joseph, S., Southby, K. and Fisher, P., Socially oriented approaches to recovery for African and Caribbean men

Thesis dissertation (1)

Joseph, S., Exploring the relationship between Locus of Control and the perception of the quality of mental health care experienced by African and Caribbean service users

Grants and funding


A Typology of Completed Suicides in Essex using Coroner Data

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)

A Typology of Completed Suicides in Essex using Coroner Data

Essex County Council



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