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Dr Delaram Jarchi is a Lecturer in AI and machine learning at CSEE. She received her PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Surrey in 2011. Following completion of the PhD study, she joined the Body Sensor Network group, at the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London. Her research was on wearable sensors for gait analysis applications. Before starting an academic position, she was part of the Computational Health Informatics Lab at University of Oxford and a research member of Wolfson College Oxford. Her research on accelerometry based analysis of respiratory rate has been filed as a patent application with Oxford University Innovation Ltd and licensed. Her recent research is focused on designing new algorithms and validation of commercial wearable sensors for robust estimation of physiological parameters such as heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation level in very unobtrusive ways. The objective of her research is to develop the next generation of smart wearables suitable for use in clinical settings. Her research is published in various IEEE journals. She is a senior member of IEEE and was an associate member of the Bio Imaging and Signal Processing (BISP) technical committee, IEEE Signal Processing Society. She is an active reviewer for various conferences and journals such as ICASSP, IEEE-JBHI (one of the 2014 best reviewers) and Sensors. She is the second author of the Body Sensor Networks & Algorithm Design book; an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd published in 2020. She is a panel member of Royal Society International Exchanges committee, Editorial board member of Scientific Reports journal, Nature (guest editor for remote health monitoring), Associate editor of IEEE Transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering (TNSRE) and chair of member benefit subcommittee of membership development committee, IEEE Signal Processing Society and Associate editor for EMBC2022 and EMBC2023. If you are interested to join the group for a PhD degree, please contact Dr Delaram Jarchi,


  • PhD University of Surrey,


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Computer Science and Electronics, University of Essex (1/5/2019 - present)

Other academic

  • Lecturer, Computing, University of Kent (1/8/2018 - 30/4/2019)

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Engineering Science, University of Oxford (16/10/2016 - 31/7/2018)

  • Senior Research Associate, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Bristol (11/7/2016 - 14/10/2016)

  • Research Associate, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester (29/6/2015 - 28/6/2016)

  • Research Associate, Imperial College London (7/9/2011 - 26/6/2015)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Introduction to Programming (CE151)

  • Team Project Challenge (CE201)

  • Introduction to Programming for Data Science and AI (CE521)


Journal articles (24)

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Books (1)

Sanei, S., Jarchi, D. and Constantinides, AG., (2020). Body Sensor Networking, Design and Algorithms. John Wiley & Sons. 1119390028. 9781119390022

Conferences (36)

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Reports and Papers (1)

Andreu-Perez, J., Pérez-Espinos, H., Timone, E., Girón-Pérez, MI., Kiani, M., Benitez-Trinidad,, AB., Jarchi, D., Rosales-Pérez, A., Ali, Z., Gatzoulis, N., Reyes-Galaviz, OF., Torres-García, AA., Reyes-García, CA. and Rivas, F., (2020). A Novel Deep Learning Based Recognition Method and Web-App for Covid-19 Infection Test from Cough Sounds with a Clinically Validated Dataset

Patents (1)


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