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I joined Essex Business School as a Lecturer in Marketing in 2015. I am based at our Colchester Campus and I am a member of the Management and Marketing Group and Research Centre. Furthermore, I am the Director of the university's Neuromarketing Lab and Lead of the business school's research stream on Experimental Consumer Research and Neuromarketing as well as of the university's interfaculty Consumer Neuroscience Group. I have led a number of marketing consultancy and contract research activities. My focus has been on helping start-ups and SMEs develop their marketing communications, brand identities and marketing strategies, especially through the use of Neuromarketing techniques. I hold a BA in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Nottingham, an MSc in Management and Marketing from Lancaster University and a PhD in Marketing from Lancaster University. During and in-between my studies I worked in marketing, market research and sales in the consumer goods industry in Germany and France. For my PhD I conducted an organizational ethnography working as an advertising account planner in London. My current projects focus on the role of valuation practices in strategy development, brand activism and consumer resistance, and neuromarketing. My work has been published in the Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Marketing Management, Marketing Theory, and Sociology of Health and Illness. I welcome inquiries from potential PhD students on a variety of topics, including but not exclusively: * Market Studies and Organisational Ethnography * Brand Activism and Consumer Resistance * Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing


  • PhD Marketing (Economic Sociology) Lancaster University,

  • MSc Management and Marketing Lancaster University,

  • BA Economics and Philosophy University of Nottingham,


University of Essex

  • Associate Director of Education (M&M), Essex Business School (1/4/2021 - present)

  • Undergraduate Admissions Selector, Essex Business School (1/1/2017 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Market Studies and Organisational Ethnography

Open to supervise

Brand Activism and Consumer Resistance

Open to supervise

Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing

Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

Jacobi, E. S. (2022). Evaluating Brand Activism: The Role of Interactional Expertise and Moral Imagination. The 3rd International Symposium in Finance, Kissamos, Greece.

Kissamos, Greece, 2022

Jacobi, E. S. (2018). Mediating Between Conflicting Economies of Worth: An Ethnography of Account Planning Practices. The 1st International Symposium in Finance, Kissamos, Greece.

Kissamos, Greece, 2018

Jacobi, E. S. (2017) Taking sides in a messy world: Reflections on advertising planning work. The 12th Annual International Ethnography Symposium, Manchester Business School.

Manchester, United Kingdom, 2017

Jacobi, E. S. (2017). Dealing with conflicting economies of worth in advertising: An ethnography of the mediation work of account planners. 33rd EGOS Colloquium, Copenhagen Business School.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017

Freund, J., & Jacobi, E. S. (2012). Personal eschatologies: How consumers relate to macro-structural entities. 7th Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Said Business School.

Oxford, United Kingdom, 2012


Journal articles (6)

Carmel, S. and Jacobi, E., (2024). Exploring valuation practices in diagnosis-as-category: The rising dominance of clinical practice in the categorisation of Sepsis, 1991-2016.. Sociology of Health and Illness. 46 (S1), 37-55

Rohmanue, A. and Jacobi, ES., (2024). The influence of marketing communications agencies on activist brands’ moral competency development and ability to engage in authentic brand activism: Wieden+Kennedy ‘Just Does It’. Journal of Brand Management. 31 (2), 126-139

Jacobi, ES. and Ormiston, J., (2018). Book review: Reinvigorating management educators. Organization. 25 (2), 298-302

Freund, J. and Jacobi, ES., (2016). Mystify me: Coke, terror and the symbolic immortality boost. Marketing Theory. 16 (3), 417-422

Jacobi, ES., Freund, J. and Araujo, L., (2015). Is there a gap in the market, and is there a market in the gap? How advertising planning performs markets. Journal of Marketing Management. 31 (1-2), 37-61

Freund, J. and Jacobi, ES., (2013). Revenge of the brand monsters: How Goldman Sachs? doppelgänger turned monstrous. Journal of Marketing Management. 29 (1-2), 175-194

Book chapters (1)

Jacobi, E., Freund, J. and Araujo, L., (2018). ‘Is there a gap in the market, and is there a market in the gap?’ How advertising planning performs markets. In: Marketing Performativity: Theories, Practices and Devices. Editors: Mason, K., Kjellberg, H. and Hagberg, J., . Routledge. 1315300230. 9781315300238

Grants and funding


MultiMotion ARC Accelerate

UK Research and Innovation


Feasibility study on consumer decision making and the potential for influencing behaviour through the use of technology to deliver information

Buyerdock Ltd

Innovate to Elevate (I2E) project with 92 Or More

Babergh and Mid Suffolk (Innovate to Elevate Programme)

New ways of understanding and measuring productivity: Exploring how novel calculative practices shape investment decision-making and business-planning processes.

The University of Manchester (Funder)


Bartech Marine Engineering Ltd (Lapline) KTP Application (June 2022 submission)

Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)


NEuromarketing analysis for WEbsite usabiLity optimisation - NEWEL

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)


Ultimotive B2C Social Media Marketing Project

Ultimotive Ltd

Development of brand identity, narrative and messaging for Neura

Neura � Natural Cognitive Fuels Ltd

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