Dr Leanne Hepburn

Senior Lecturer
School of Life Sciences
Dr Leanne Hepburn



I am interested in spatio-temporal dynamics and community structure in marine ecosystems. This research is underpinned by significance to the science policy interface. Research interests: Coral reef taphonomy Reef carbonate budgets Bioeroding sponge ecology Biodiversity Conservation Estuarine ecology Science policy interface Current research group: Sarah Allison: Collaborator: Conflicting conservation objectives and a new Europe Howard Freeman: EnvEast PhD Co-I with Dr. Tom Cameron (starting October 2018): What makes a habitat a home for juvenile fish? Assessing the importance of estuary habitat characteristics for growth and survival of European Sea bass Alice Lown: Env east PhD Co-I with Dr. Tom Cameron (3rd year): Factors affecting the recovery of the UK Native Oyster (Ostrea edulis) with a focus on the Essex estuaries Reem al Maella: PhD PI with Prof. Dave Smith (2nd year): Accretional health of reefs in the Persian-Arabian gulf and the Indian Ocean Fiona Watson: PhD PI with Dr. Tom Cameron (3rd year): The role of fish movement in managing fishery MPA interactions MSc projects Analysis of microplastic ingestion by fish from trophic levels across the Aegean An evaluation of the effect of human population size on neustonic microplastic and zooplankton density in the Mediterranean Sea


  • BSc University of Aberdeen,

  • MSc University of Aberdeen,

  • PhD Manchester Metropolitan University,


University of Essex

  • Employability Director, University of Essex (2/10/2017 - present)

  • Course Director (Marine Biology), University of Essex (5/10/2015 - 22/5/2017)

  • Coral Reef Research Unit, University of Essex (27/5/2013 - present)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Marine Ecology (BS112)

  • Transferable Skills in Life Sciences (BS143)

  • Applied Wildlife Sciences (BS243)

  • Marine Vertebrates (BS254)

  • Fisheries Ecology (BS354)

  • Data Analysis and Visualisation (BS709)

  • Research Project: MSc Tropical Marine Biology (BS782)

  • Research Project in Biomedical Science (BS831)

  • Research Project in Life Sciences (BS832)

  • Professional skills for Ecological and Marine Scientists (BS257)


Journal articles (17)

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Book chapters (2)

Hennige, SJ., Suggett, DJ., Hepburn, LJ., Pugsley, A., Crabbe, J. and Smith, DJ., (2013). Coral reefs of the Wakatobi: Processes of reef growth and loss. In: Marine Research and Conservation in the Coral Triangle. 27- 44. 9781616684730

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Grants and funding


Quantifying a marine ecosystem's response to a catastrophic oil spill

Natural Environment Research Council


Valuing Biodiversity: CASE Studentship Amy Sutcliffe

Natural England, DFSSD

Valuing Biodiversity for Offset

Essex Wildlife Trust

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