Ed Harris

Head of Web and Digital Media
CER - Web and Digital Media
 Ed Harris


Ask me about
  • Setting up a website to support your needs
  • How to ensure your pages rank well on search engines
  • User experience in web and digital services
  • How the Web and Digital Media Team can support your team/individual objectives
  • Advice and guidance on all websites across the University
  • The Web and Digital Media Team strategy
  • Web personalisation
  • The University's governance of it's digital presence
  • Web Presence Phase 3 project
  • How to improve your online web presence


Ed joined the University in July 2017 and took over as Head of the Web and Digital Media Team in December of the same year. Since then he has guided the team, and the University through the completion and final implementation of the University's Web and Digital Presence Project, ensuring the website and online communication tools serve the needs of the many audiences that we work with. Ed's career has always focused on digital and online marketing, blending the technical knowledge one needs to have to run a successful website, with the marketing skills one needs to promote the company. As such, he understands not only how to reach an audience affectively, but how to ensure one can development the functionality on a website to support that too. He has worked on a number of high profile websites throughout his career, across a variety of different sectors, such as retail, arts and heritage, and higher education. As such, he is aware of audience behaviours, and considers his understanding of online user experience one of his strongest skills. Ed is also a keen angler with a passion for fish and their habitats, and when he's not at work, or with his family, he will almost certainly be at the side of a lake or river wasting away his day fishing.


  • BA Hons - History and Philosophy University of Kent (2010)

+44 (0) 1206 873410


5N.7.17, Colchester Campus

Working pattern:

Monday - Thursday 08:00-18:00