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My research focuses largely on gender, feminist theory and the body in work and organisational settings; emotion, aesthetics and sexuality in the workplace, and organisational space, place and materiality. I am currently working on two single authored books: 'Soho at Work: Place and Pleasure in Contemporary London' (Cambridge University Press), and 'Judith Butler and Organization Theory' (Routledge). I welcome inquiries from potential PhD students on a variety of topics, including but not exclusively: * Gender and LGBT inequality in the workplace * Feminist thinking and critical theories of work and organization * Space, place and workplace settings * Embodied experiences and perceptions of work, particularly relating to emotion, aesthetics and/or sexuality at work * Disability and the workplace


  • B Soc Sci (Hons) Cultural Studies

  • PG Dip (Research Methods)

  • PhD (Sociology)


University of Essex

  • Equality Co-ordinator, Essex Business School, University of Essex (1/1/2016 - present)

  • PhD Director (Management), Essex Business School, University of Essex (1/1/2019 - present)

Other academic

  • Associate Editor, Gender, Work and Organization (3/9/2007 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Feminist perspectives on work and organization

Open to supervise

Gender, sexuality and embodiment at work

Open to supervise

Organizational space, place, aesthetics and materiality

Open to supervise

Emotional, aesthetic and sexualized forms of labour

Open to supervise

Sales-service work and consumer culture

Open to supervise

Gender, sexuality and the body in work organizations

Open to supervise

Any work drawing on and developing feminist theory

Open to supervise

The organization, management and lived experience of organizational space, place and setting

Open to supervise

Emotional, aesthetic and sexualized labour in sales-service work

Open to supervise

Current research

An ethnographic study of sales-service work in licensed and unlicensed sex shops in Soho, London

Lived experiences of gender, sexuality and ageing at work (with Kat Riach and Nick Rumens)

Gender and commemoration in work organizations (with Karen Dale and Leanne Cutcher)

Discrimination and disrespect in the workplace (with Philip Hancock)


Journal articles (43)

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Books (7)

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Book chapters (11)

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Conferences (1)

Tyler, M. and Hancock, P., Performing During/After Lockdown: A Study of the Impact of Covid-19 On Live Performers in the UK

Other (1)

Rumens, N. and Tyler, M., (2015).Queer Theory,Routledge

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Creating an equitable and sustainable future for freelance / self-employed workers in the entertainment industry

University of Essex (ESRC IAA)

Evaluation ACE Freelance Study of Cultural Workforce

Arts Council England


Performing during/after lockdown: A study of the impact of COVID-19 on live performers in the UK

British Academy

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