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I did my postgraduate research at the University of Sussex and taught at Sussex, Brighton, Glamorgan, Sheffield and Huddersfield Universities and the Northern College before coming to Essex. I am currently completing two books: 'National Service Life Stories: masculinity, class, and the memory of conscription in Britain' (under contract to Oxford University Press), and 'The Failure of Co-operation: consumer power and democratic change in modern Britain' (under contract to Manchester University Press). Previous PhD supervision Disability and masculinity in World War One (Dr Wendy Gagen) The Fairtrade movement in modern Britain (Dr Kathryn Wheeler) The provincial department store in interwar Britain (Dr Susan Lomax) Race, femininity and nation in Caribbean beauty contests (Dr Rochelle Rowe: published as 'Imagining Caribbean womanhood: race, nation, and beauty contests, 1929-70'. Manchester University Press, 2013) The history of the London brewing trade, 1750-1850 (Dr Alan Pryor) Drug cultures in London, 1930-70 (Dr Elliott Hicks) British support for the Spanish Republic, 1936-39 (Dr Emily Mason: published as 'Democracy, Deeds and Dilemmas. Support for the Spanish Republic within British Civil Society, 1936-1939'. Sussex Academic Press, 2017) War, crime and popular politics in Essex and Kent, 1790-1820 (Dr Joe Cozens) Post-war tourism in north-east Essex (Dr Sean O'Dell) A social and cultural history of the apple in Victorian England (Joanna Crosby) The culture of International Development in the United Kingdom, 1945-2000 (Christopher Timms) Representations of Bolshevism in Britain after the First World War (Andrew McIntosh) The implementation of the New Poor Law in Suffolk (Angela Miller) Current PhD students Percy Lomax: The decline of the Co-operative movement in postwar London Emma Bastin: The rayon industry in interwar Britain: an economic and cultural history


  • BA University of Sussex,

  • MA University of Sussex,

  • DPhil University of Sussex,

  • PGCE University of Leeds,

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Consumerism and consumer movements

Open to supervise

Popular politics and popular protest

Open to supervise

Working-class culture and autobiography

Open to supervise

Current research

Principal Investigator on an oral history research project funded by the Leverhulme Trust (£223k) entitled, 'National Service life stories: masculinity, class and the memory of conscription in Britain.'

The history of consumption and consumer movements

Conferences and presentations

National service and the memory of class in post-war Britain

European Social Science History Conference, University of Gothenburg, 15/4/2023

Chartist electoral politics and the language of democracy

Invited presentation, Northeast Conference on British Studies, Montreal, Canada, 4/10/2019

'The Co-op and the Cold War', Socialism and the Cold War Conference, Queen's University Belfast, 2015.

Belfast, United Kingdom, 2015

'From pacifism to a new world order: the Women's Co-operative Guild and the home front in Britain, 1939-45', Women's History Network Conference, University of Worcester, 2014.

Worcester, United Kingdom, 2014

'The economy in the popular mind in Britain, 1840-1914', British Association of Victorian Studies Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2013.

Invited presentation, 2013

'History and Commitment', Conference marking 50 years of E.P. Thompsons The Making of the English Working Class, Peoples History Museum, Manchester, 2013.

Manchester, United Kingdom, 2013

'The democratic idiom: languages of democracy in Britain, 1830-48', Contested Democracy Conference, Universite Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, 2012.

Paris, France, 2012

'Dickens and Consumer Culture', Royal College of Art, London, 2012.

London, United Kingdom, 2012

'Languages of democracy in England, 1830-48', Two Eras of Democracy Conference, Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford, 2010.

Invited presentation, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2010

Co-operation and the new consumerism in Britain between the wars, Co-operative Movements in Interwar Europe Conference, University of Bologna, 2009.

Bologna, Italy, 2009

'The iconography of hunger in England during the Hungry Forties,' North American Victorian Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Victoria, B.C., 2007.

Victoria, Canada, 2007

'The politics of consumption in England during the Hungry Forties,' British Association for Victorian Studies Conference, University of Liverpool, 2006.

Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2006

'Consuming politics in post-war Britain', Cultures of Labour Conference, University of Ghent, 2003.

Belgium, 2003

'Scarcity, excess and consumer organising in mid-Victorian England', Nineteenth Century Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Florida, 2003.

Gainesville, United States, 2003

'The Crystal Palace, the working classes and consumer culture in Victorian England', Victorian Exhibitions Conference, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2001.

Santa Cruz, United States, 2001

'Mass consumption and the post-war working-class', Material Politics Conference, University of Cambridge, 1999.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1999

'Thomas Frost and the art of escapology in Victorian England', Representing Victorian Lives Conference, University of Leeds, 1999.

Leeds, United Kingdom, 1999

'Observing working-class sexuality in England in the 1930s', Sex, State and Society Conference, University of Umeå, Sweden, 1998.

Umeå, Sweden, 1998

'The politics of working-class consumption in England, 1906-1926', Economic History Society Annual Conference, University of Lancaster, 1996.

Lancaster, United Kingdom, 1996

'Languages of co-operation in Britain, 1860-1914', XI International Economic History Congress, Università Bocconi, Milan, 1994.

Milan, Italy, 1994

'Co-operators, history and the nation', History Workshop 25, Ruskin College, Oxford, 1991.

Oxford, United Kingdom, 1991

'Co-operation and working-class self-expression, 1880-1918', History Workshop 21, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1987.

Newcastle, United Kingdom, 1987

'Internationalism in the British Co-operative Movement, 1869-1917', Internationalism in the European Labour Movement Conference, International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam, 1985.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1985

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Hidden Histories: Class, Race and Gender in Britain, c. 1640s-Present (HR103)

  • Exploring History: Research Workshop (HR242)

  • The Common People: History From Below in Britain 1830-1914 (HR352)

  • History Works: Career Portfolio (HR510)

  • Research Project (HR831)

  • Rethinking History: Approaches, Theories and Concepts (HR924)

  • History, Power, and Identity (HR930)

Previous supervision

Joanna Ruth Crosby
Joanna Ruth Crosby
Thesis title: The Economic, Cultural and Social Value of the Apple and the Orchard in Victorian England
Degree subject: History
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 8/1/2021
Angela Mary Miller
Angela Mary Miller
Thesis title: The Introduction and Operation of the New Poor Law in Suffolk 1834-1870
Degree subject: History
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 26/6/2020
Andrew Thomas Mcintosh
Andrew Thomas Mcintosh
Thesis title: Gender, Bolshevism and the Popular Press in Britain, 1916-1921
Degree subject: History
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 4/9/2019
Christopher Bruce Timms
Christopher Bruce Timms
Thesis title: The Promotion of Global Humanitarianism in Britain, 1945-2000
Degree subject: History
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 2/7/2019
Elizabeth Valentina Shaw
Elizabeth Valentina Shaw
Thesis title: Packaging Purity: Government Intervention, Commercial Innovation and Adulteration in Britain, C. 1870-1914
Degree subject: History
Degree type: Master of Arts (by Dissertation)
Awarded date: 30/9/2016
Joseph Thomas Cozens
Joseph Thomas Cozens
Thesis title: The Experience of Soldiering: Civil-Military Relations and Popular Protest in England, 1790-1805
Degree subject: History
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 7/6/2016
Emily Sarah Jane Mason
Emily Sarah Jane Mason
Thesis title: 'save Spain': British Support for the Spanish Republic Within Civil Society in Britain, 1936-1939
Degree subject: History
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 17/5/2016


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