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Dr Tasos Giapoutzis
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Born and raised in Greece, Tasos Giapoutzis lives and works in UK as filmmaker and Lecturer in Film at the University of Essex. His interests as a researcher and filmmaker lie in the exploration of the filmmaking process, aesthetics of film and its multifaceted spatiotemporal features. More specifically, Tasos is interested in interactions between film and memory, nostalgia, place and displacement. Tasos is an alumnus of Go Short Talent Campus in Nijmegen, Talent Development Campus in Cork as well as Reykjavik Talent Lab. In the past he worked on Distribution and Sales at the Feature Films Department of Red Bull Media House in Salzburg. Films he directed have participated at more than 100 film festivals worldwide. The feature documentary Quiet Life (2019) premiered nationally at the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and internationally at the 18th DokuFest in Kosovo.


  • PhD in Film by Creative Practice University of York,

Research and professional activities

Research interests

FIlm Aesthetics

Open to supervise

Filmmaking Process

Open to supervise

Nostalgia and Memory

Open to supervise

Displacement and Migration

Open to supervise

Current research

Processes of International Film Festivals and Co-productions

I am he Principal Investigator on this collaborative project. The Department of Literature, Theatre and Film Studies (LiFTS) at the University of Essex, the Times School of Media (TSOM) at Bennett University (India), and Everything Was Decided in Movement Productions (EWDIM) created a joint training programme which develops students’ understanding of film festivals’ role within the international film industry landscape as well as of international co-production processes followed by independent production companies, and strengthens students’ skills on getting their films funded and screened at festivals. Film festivals are becoming ever more necessary as they provide unique opportunities to filmmakers to catalyse their careers. In an industry with an increasing number of produced films and limited funds, it is paramount that student filmmakers have the knowledge and skills to proceed with confidence straight into the film industry after they graduate. Through a series of interactive workshops, masterclasses, discussions and a pitching forum that emulates professional practices, delivered by internationally recognised professionals, this training programme addresses the lack of attention on those critical aspects of filmmaking in higher education that hinders the employability and success of graduates. This academia-industry linkage benefits students and staff involved, while also being instrumental in advancing research and taught courses in film practice and creating skilled professionals for the film industry. Funded by the British Council through the Going Global Praetorships: Industry Academia Collaborative Grant 2022-2023 scheme

Global Encounters in Theatre and Film

I was co-investigator on this collaborative project. The Department of Literature, Theatre and Film Studies (LiFTS) at the University of Essex created the joint module "Global Encounters in Theatre and Film" with Amity School of Film and Drama (ASFD) in India, which aims to develop students' professional international portfolio, significantly extending both institutions' existing provision. The common focus and expertise of the two Departments in intercultural theatre practices and world cinema, allows for the development of new intercultural and transnational pedagogies in Theatre and Film. This project would pave the way for the introduction of joint undergraduate programmes in Film and Theatre. Activities included are consultations with external industry experts and a working group with student representatives from each institution to oversee the process. Funded by the British Council through the Going Global Partnerships: Exploratory Grant 2021-2022 scheme

Conferences and presentations

Nostalgia and Migration: Exploring Aesthetics of Nostalgia in ‘Mnemonic Muse’

8th Memory, Melancholy and Nostalgia International Interdisciplinary Conference, Gdansk, Poland, 7/12/2023

Student Film Festival: A sustainable project

British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS), 5/4/2023

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Introduction to Film Production (LT122)

  • Film Festivals (LT409)

  • Independent Screenplay Project (LT410)

  • Independent Film Project (LT833)

  • Independent Project in Film Studies (LT834)


Journal articles (2)

Giapoutzis, T. and Kleftakis, M., Quiet Life. Journal of Anthropological Films. 3 (02), e2792-e2792

Giapoutzis, T., When Dahlias Bend Down. Screenworks. 11 (1)

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