Claiton Fyock

Essex Law School
 Claiton Fyock

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • The Protection of Human Rights in the UK (LW244)

  • Legal Research Skills (LW254)

  • Jurisprudence (LW301)

  • Final Year Research Project (LW304)

  • Trade, Investment, Environment, and Human Rights (LW917)

  • Dissertation (LW600)

  • Foundation Essay (LW617)

  • Dissertation (LW900)

  • Dissertation (LW985)

  • Academic Skills in International Law (LW949)


Journal articles (3)

Gunderson, R. and Fyock, C., (2022). Are fossil fuel CEOs responsible for climate change? Social structure and criminal law approaches to climate litigation. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. 12 (2), 378-385

Gunderson, R. and Fyock, C., (2022). The Political Economy of Climate Change Litigation: Is There a Point to Suing Fossil Fuel Companies?. New Political Economy. 27 (3), 441-454

Fyock, C., (2022). What Might Degrowth Mean for International Economic Law? A Necessary Alternative to the (un)Sustainable Development Paradigm. Asian Journal of International Law. 12 (12), 40-62

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