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Dr Mikhail Freer
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Current teaching responsibilities

  • Market Structure and Strategic Behaviour (EC366)

  • Cognitive Psychology and Economics (EC956)

  • Topics in Economic Theory (EC993)


Journal articles (9)

Dianat, A. and Freer, M., (2024). Credibility in Second-Price Auctions: An Experimental Test. Experimental Economics. 27 (1), 58-79

Freer, M. and Martinelli, C., (2023). An Algebraic Approach to Revealed Preference. Economic Theory. 75 (3), 717-742

Freer, M. and Castillo, M., (2023). A Revealed Preference Test of Quasi-Linear Preferences: Theory and Experiments. Experimental Economics. 26 (3), 673-696

Palatnik, R., Freer, M., Levin, M., Golberg, A. and Zilberman, D., (2023). Algae-based two-stage supply chain with co-products. Ecological Economics. 207, 107781-107781

Cherchye, L., Demuynck, T., Rock, BD. and Freer, M., (2022). Revealed preference analysis of expected utility maximization under prize-probability trade-offs. Journal of Mathematical Economics. 99, 102607-102607

Freer, M. and Martinelli, C., (2021). A utility representation theorem for general revealed preference. Mathematical Social Sciences. 111, 68-76

Freer, M., Martinelli, C. and Wang, S., (2020). Collective experimentation: A laboratory study. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 175, 365-379

Castillo, ME., Cross, PJ. and Freer, M., (2019). Nonparametric utility theory in strategic settings: Revealing preferences and beliefs from proposal–response games. Games and Economic Behavior. 115, 60-82

Castillo, M. and Freer, M., (2018). Revealed differences. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 145, 202-217

Reports and Papers (2)

Freer, M. and Martinelli, C., An Algebraic Approach to Revealed Preference

Freer, M. and Surana, K., Stable marriage in the eyes of the law

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Revealing Preferences and Choice Procedures

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5B.131, Colchester Campus

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