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Dr Andrea Fejos
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Dr Andrea Fejős researches and teaches in (consumer) contract and banking law. Andrea's research is in retail financial services law, on the intersection of consumer law and financial regulation, which she calls 'financial consumer law.' Andrea's current research focuses on aspects of financial inclusion: * social lending and the work of credit unions in the UK * automated loan contracts * credit, food poverty, and mental health resilience. Andrea's current work draws on her previous consumer law research on standard form contracts, unfair contract terms, consumer credit, consumer alternative dispute resolution, and enforcement of consumer rights, which she published in leading journals such as the Journal of Consumer Policy and the European Review of Private Law. She also relies on her broad educational background and work experience. In addition to her formal education, Andrea has completed additional training in mediation and negotiation (Humboldt University, 2006), European Law (CEU, 2006), German and European Law (Ludwig Maximilians University, 2007), consumer protection law and policy (European Consumer Organization- BEUC, 2011) and qualitative research (University of Essex, 2020), and a placement at the Financial Conduct Authority (2018). Before joining Essex Law School in September 2015, Andrea was a lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Business Studies, Dr Lazar Vrkatic in Serbia. Andrea is passionate about improving the real lives of consumers. In addition to her academic work, Andrea served as a consumer protection advocate, a volunteer legal adviser to the National Consumer Protection Organization of Serbia (2007-12), worked at the Oxford Citizens Advice Bureau as a researcher and financial education trainer (2015) and as a Trustee of the Colchester Citizens Advice Bureau (2019). She has been an expert consultant on several research projects for the EU Commission that resulted in law reform; she is an Individual Member of Finance Watch, a Director of Financial Inclusion Europe, and a member of the European Law Institute. Andrea regularly delivers training at The Academy of European Law (ERA) to lawyers, judges, barristers, solicitors, in-house counsels, and regulatory authorities, and she is an author of a popular blog: 'Recent Developments in European Consumer Law' widely read by law and policy makers, judges, practicitons and academics. As a recognition of her work on influencing EU consumer law, in 2023, Andrea was awarded the an Impact Award by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Essex. Since 2020, she has been working with the British credit union sector. Her work is currently on creating the first guide on affordability assessment for the industry, in cooperation with the Association of British Credit Unions Limited. At Essex Law School, Andrea leads the strategy on law and technology and is the first Director of the Business Law Clinic.


  • PhD University of Szeged, Hungary (2014)

  • LLM in Banking and Finance Law, Queen Mary, University of London (2014)

  • LLM in International Business Law, Central European University (2006)

  • LLB University of Novi Sad, Serbia (2004)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Law, University of Essex (1/9/2015 - present)

  • Visiting Lecturer, Business Law Institute, University of Szeged, Faculty of Law and Political Scieneces (1/12/2022 - present)

  • Senior Lecturer, Essex Law School, University of Essex (1/10/2023 - present)

Other academic

  • Lecturer, Law, Faculty of Law and Business Studies Dr Lazar Vrkatic, Union University (1/9/2007 - 1/9/2012)

  • External Examiner, Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College University of London (22/3/2021 - present)

  • Visiting Scholar, School of Law, University of California, Berkeley (7/1/2010 - 20/5/2010)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Consumer law

Issues of general consumer law such as unfair contract terms, unfair commercial practices and enforcement of consumer rights (alternative dispute resolution and collective court actions); a comparative approach between national and European consumer law; consumer law and social justice, interplay of consumer and contract law theory with political theory and socio-legal perspectives on social justice.

Financial consumer law

Specialized area of consumer law, retail financial services law covering credit, insurance, investment and payment services; interplay between general consumer law rules and special financial consumer law rules; interplay between private law of financial contracts and public regulation of contracts; powers of financial supervisory authorities; European and national financial consumer law; challenges to consumer protection by new technologies (FinTech).

Conferences and presentations

Automated Contracts and Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion Europe meeting, online, 27/10/2023

Automated Consumer Credt Contracts: Fiction or Reality?

2nd Lawtomation Conference, IE University, Madrid, Spain, 28/9/2023

Smart Contracts and Financial Inclusion

18th International Association of Consumer Law Conference, Hamburg, Germany, 20/7/2023

Consumer Credit and Mortgage Credit

Invited presentation, Summer Course on Consumer Law, The Academy of European Law, Trier, Germany, 6/7/2023

Research into Financial Ombudsman Sevice Affordability Complaints

Invited presentation, Association of British Credit Unions Limited Annual Conference 2023, Manchester, 17/3/2023

Consumer Credit, Mortgage Credit and Main EU legal instruments on cross-border payments

Invited presentation, Summer Course on EU Consumer Law, The Academy of European Law, Trier, Germany, 7/7/2022

Singleness as a dimension of consumer vulnerability

Singleness, 5/7/2022

Inivted Panelist, Financial Law and Regulation Conference

Invited presentation, Society of Legal Scholars, Banking and Finance Section, Univercity College London, Bentham House, London, 1/7/2022

Vulnerability in Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution: the UK Financial Ombudsman Service, Fairness and Reasonableness, and the Law

Vulnerability Accross Disciplines, Newcastle University, 8/10/2021

Recent CJEU case law on consumer matters

Invited presentation, Annual Conference on EU Consumer Law, The Academy of European Law, Trier, Germany, 7/10/2021

Consumer Credit and Mortgage Credit

Invited presentation, Summer Course on EU Consumer Law, The Academy of European Law, Online, 8/7/2021

CJEU case law on consumer protection in financial services

Invited presentation, Consumer Protection in Financial Services, The Academy of European Law, Trier, Germany, 28/3/2019

Social Justice in EU Financial Consumer Law

The Responsible Consumer in Digital Age – International and Nordic Perspectives on Consumer Financial Protection, Copenhagen, Denmark, 31/5/2018

The obligation to assess consumers’ creditworthiness in the UK

Invited presentation, International Conference: the New Paradigm of Consumer Creditworthiness, A Coruña, Spain, 27/10/2017

Recent CJEU case-law on consumer matters

Invited presentation, Annual Conference on European Consumer Law 2017, Academy of European Law, Trier, Germany, 12/10/2017

Challenges in Regulating the Culture of Credit Providers: The UK Experience

Invited presentation, Possible Directions in Improving the Fairness of Contract Terms and Other Aspects of Consumer Lending, 4/4/2017

'Consumer Protection and New Technologies: The Role of Ethics in FinTech Revolution' at University of Essex, Newton Conference: Ethics and Challenges in Chinese Financial Markets, 25 March 2017

Colchester, United Kingdom, 2017

'Strenghtening Consumer Protection and Trust in Key Fileds such as Credit' at University of Oxford, SLS Conference, 7 September 2016

Oxford, United Kingdom, 2016

'Post-crisis EU financial services law: a new direction in consumer protection?' at University of Szeged, School of Law, PhD seminar, September 2015

Szeged, Hungary, 2015

The Vision of a Modern Consumer of Financial Services: the Evolution of EU Law from Free Market to Social Justice Oriented Approach at LSETransnational Law and Social Justice conference, June 2015

London, United Kingdom, 2015

Creating a Legal Regime that Supports Sustainable Access to Financial Services at University of Amsterdam, School of Law,15th International Conference on Consumer Law: Virtues and Consumer Law, July 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Contract Law (LW101)

  • Banking Law (LW224)

Previous supervision

Ahmed Sulaiman S Alfaifi
Ahmed Sulaiman S Alfaifi
Thesis title: Lost Profit Damages for Breaches of Commercial Contracts: Examining Common Law and Civil Law Approaches to Recovery and Lessons for Saudia Arabia
Degree subject: Law
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 8/2/2024
Feifan Guo
Feifan Guo
Thesis title: Study on Establishing a Financial Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme in China
Degree subject: Law
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 4/10/2021
Geleite Xu
Geleite Xu
Thesis title: Reforming China’S Crisis Management and Market Exit Mechanism for Insurers – a Comparative Legal Study Between China, the UK and the US
Degree subject: Law
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 1/3/2021


Journal articles (14)

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Book chapters (2)

Amajuoyi, U. and Fejős, A., (2023). Mind the Consumer Protection Gap: the UK Financial Ombudsman Service, Fairness and Reasonableness, and the Law. In: Consumer Protection in Financial Services. Editors: Tereszkiewicz, P. and Golecki, M., . Brill. 978-90-04-53438-4

Fejős, A., (2013). Fairness of Contract Terms in European and Serbian Law. In: Strengthening Consumer Protection in Serbia. Editors: Bourgoignie, T. and Jovanić, T., . University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law. 186- 201

Other (2)

Fejos, A., Response submitted to the EU Commission regarding the public consultation on Directive 2008/48/EC on Consumer Credit

Fejos, A., Response to the Finacial Conduct Authority's Consultation Paper CP 18/13 on Overdrafts

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Civil law rules applicable to smart contracts

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Exploring determinants of Mental Health Resilience in Greenstead

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