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Research and professional activities

Research interests

Life-cycle consumption, saving and labour supply

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Earnings/Income dynamics

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Inequality: Supply and demand of workplace skills

The employment and wage structures are changing rapidly across the developed world. This change is likely to accelerate with the introduction of new advanced technologies such as AI. In ongoing work we are using some of the excellent data available in the UK to examine the extent to which social skills in particular are becoming more important in the labour market.

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Inequality: Belief heterogeneity and information acquisition

Otherwise identical people often behave in very different ways. For example, we observe substantial variation in rates of saving for retirement. Of several possibilities for explaining this behaviour, one is that individuals have different beliefs about what the future will bring. In this work, we examine heterogeneity in beliefs among older workers about pension reform and see how these beliefs react to information flows coming from the Government and the media.

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Household formation over the lifecycle

In this work we examine the determinants of young adults' residency choices. Why and when do they leave their parents' homes to start their own families.

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Inequality: The role of housing

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Journal articles (5)

Etheridge, B., (2019). House Prices and Consumption Inequality. International Economic Review

Brewer, M., Etheridge, BS. and O'Dea, C., (2017). Why are households that report the lowest incomes so well-off. The Economic Journal. 127 (605), F24-F49

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Female Selection into Occupations and Occupational Prices

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