Dr Albin Erlanson

Department of Economics
Dr Albin Erlanson



University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Department of Economics (1/7/2019 - present)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Microeconomics (Intermediate) (EC202)

  • Introductory Microeconomics (EC402)


Journal articles (6)

Erlanson, A. and Kleiner, A., Costly Verification in Collective Decisions. Theoretical Economics

Erlanson, A. and Kleiner, A., (2019). A note on optimal allocation with costly verification. Journal of Mathematical Economics. 84, 56-62

Erlanson, A. and Flores-Szwagrzak, K., (2015). Strategy-proof assignment of multiple resources. Journal of Economic Theory. 159, 137-162

Erlanson, A., (2014). The Duo-Item Bisection Auction. Computational Economics. 43 (1), 15-31

Andersson, T., Erlanson, A., Gudmundsson, J., Habis, H., Ingebretsen Carlson, J. and Kratz, J., (2014). A method for finding the maximal set in excess demand. Economics Letters. 125 (1), 18-20

Andersson, T. and Erlanson, A., (2013). Multi-item Vickrey–English–Dutch auctions. Games and Economic Behavior. 81, 116-129



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Tuesday between 10 to 12

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