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Dr Joaquin De Navascues

School of Life Sciences
Dr Joaquin De Navascues

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Genetics and Evolution (BS102)

  • Molecular Biology: Genes, Proteins and Disease (BS221)

  • Research Project in Biomedical Science (BS831)

  • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (BS938)

  • Research Project in Life Sciences (BS832)


Journal articles (11)

Puig-Barbé, A. and de Navascués, J., Homo- and heterodimerization of bHLH transcription factors balance stemness and bipotential differentiation

Guisoni, N., Martinez-Corral, R., Garcia-Ojalvo, J. and de Navascués, J., (2017). Diversity of fate outcomes in cell pairs under lateral inhibition. Development. 144 (7), 1177-1186

Fang, HY., Martinez-Arias, A. and de Navascués, J., (2016). Autocrine and paracrine Wingless signalling in the Drosophila midgut by both continuous gradient and asynchronous bursts of wingless expression. F1000Research. 5, 317-317

Porazinski, S., de Navascués, J., Yako, Y., Hill, W., Jones, MR., Maddison, R., Fujita, Y. and Hogan, C., (2016). EphA2 Drives the Segregation of Ras-Transformed Epithelial Cells from Normal Neighbors. Current Biology. 26 (23), 3220-3229

Jurado, J., de Navascués, J. and Gorfinkiel, N., (2016). α-Catenin stabilises Cadherin–Catenin complexes and modulates actomyosin dynamics to allow pulsatile apical contraction. Journal of Cell Science. 129 (24), 4496-4508

Guisoni, N., Martinez-Corral, R., Garcia Ojalvo, J. and de Navascués, J., (2015). Diversity of fate outcomes in cell pairs under lateral inhibition

de Navascués, J., Perdigoto, CN., Bian, Y., Schneider, MH., Bardin, AJ., Martínez-Arias, A. and Simons, BD., (2012). Drosophilamidgut homeostasis involves neutral competition between symmetrically dividing intestinal stem cells. The EMBO Journal. 31 (11), 2473-2485

Muñoz-Descalzo, S., de Navascues, J. and Arias, AM., (2012). Wnt-Notch signalling: An integrated mechanism regulating transitions between cell states. BioEssays. 34 (2), 110-118

de Navascués, J. and Modolell, J., (2010). The pronotum LIM-HD gene tailup is both a positive and a negative regulator of the proneural genes achaete and scute of Drosophila. Mechanisms of Development. 127 (9-12), 393-406

de Navascues, J. and Modolell, J., (2007). tailup, a LIM-HD gene, and Iro-C cooperate in Drosophila dorsal mesothorax specification. Development. 134 (9), 1779-1788

Villa-Cuesta, E., De Navascués, J., Ruiz-Gómez, M., Del Corral, RD., Domínguez, M., De Celis, JF. and Modolell, J., (2003). Tufted is a gain-of-function allele that promotes ectopic expression of the proneural gene amos in Drosophila. Genetics. 163 (4), 1403-1412

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Molecular dynamics of a bHLH transcription factor network in stemness and bi-lineage differentiation in the intestine

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