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EBS - Strategy, Operations and Entrepreneurship (SOE)
Dr Debashree De
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Debashree De is a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management.She is passionate about solving sustainability related issues, specially in the manufacturing sector. In broader aspect her research interest encompasses green supply chain management, sustainability, low carbon strategies and operations management. She has worked with Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) and the Indian farming supply chain. She is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy. She welcomes inquiries from potential PhD students.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Business Creation and Growth (BE200)

  • Supply Chain Management (BE260)

  • Principles of Operations and Supply Chain Management (BE424)

  • Professional and Academic Development (BE905)

  • Research Methods (BE955)


Journal articles (7)

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Ghosh, SK., Debnath, B., Baidya, R., De, D., Li, J., Ghosh, SK., Zheng, L., Awasthi, AK., Liubarskaia, MA., Ogola, JS. and Tavares, AN., (2016). Waste electrical and electronic equipment management and Basel Convention compliance in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) nations. Waste Management & Research. 34 (8), 693-707

Conferences (1)

Tanksale, A., De, D. and Kumar, N., A multi-objective model for placement optimization in refugee resettlement

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GB.3.64, Southend Campus