Matthew De Abaitua

Head of Department - Senior Lecturer (R)
Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies (LiFTS)
 Matthew De Abaitua
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    I am currently not teaching as I am head of department.



I welcome PhD proposals in Creative Writing in prose fiction. I'm particularly interested in science fiction and literary fiction novels.


  • MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia.


University of Essex

  • Director of Education, Literature Film and Theatre Studies (LiFTS), University of Essex (1/9/2020 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Artificial Intelligence narratives

Writing and studying narratives that connect to AI and climate change

Key words: Artificial intelligence
Open to supervise

Climate fiction

I am currently working on fictions and experimental narratives based on the concept of the Climate Artist.

Key words: climate fiction
Open to supervise

Speculative autofiction

Combining memoir and speculative fiction to create a form called speculative autofiction.

Key words: novel
Open to supervise

Current research

I am currently writing a science fiction novel exploring epigenetics and climate change.

Conferences and presentations

The Climate Artist

Invited presentation, Organic Systems: Science Fiction & Ecology Today, London, United Kingdom, 2/5/2019

Artificial Imagination: strange tools and the novel

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, AISB, Falmouth, United Kingdom, 18/4/2019

Artificial Imagination: Dreams and Delusions of AI

Invited presentation, Dot York, 4/10/2018

The Climate Artist

Invited presentation, Not I, Jerwood, London, United Kingdom, 15/9/2018

Class matters

Invited presentation, Greenwich Book Festival, Book Festival, London, United Kingdom, 16/6/2018

Author Confidential

Invited presentation, Stoke Newington Literary Festival, Stoke Newington Literary Festival, London, United Kingdom, 2/6/2018

AI Narratives:

Invited presentation, How do we talk about AI? workshop, London, United Kingdom, 3/5/2018

Life, the Universe and Everything: Science Fictional Responses to the Epistemological Question

Invited presentation, Eastercon, Eastercon, London, United Kingdom, 31/3/2018

The Future of Cities

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Eastercon, Eastercon, London, United Kingdom, 30/3/2018

'How to Teach Genre' with Dr Celia Brayfield at English Shared Futures, 2017.


Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Contemporary Texts and Contexts (LT109)

  • The Beginning of a Novel (LT346)

  • Dissertation Preparation: Postgraduate Research and Writing Skills (LT901)

  • Writing the Novel (LT908)

Previous supervision

Joshua Ross Grocott
Joshua Ross Grocott
Thesis title: Pandatopia: A Novel with a Critical Commentary, Teotwawki
Degree subject: Creative Writing
Degree type: Doctor of Philosophy
Awarded date: 24/1/2020


Journal articles (2)

De Abaitua, M., (2017). The Fourfold Library (6): Alan Moore and Ian Gibson, The Ballad of Halo Jones. Foundation: the international review of science fiction (128)

De Abaitua, M., (2016). Short Story: The University of the Sun. New Scientist (3104)

Books (4)

De Abaitua, M., (2019). Self & I: A memoir of literary ambition. Eye Books. 9781785630798

De Abaitua, M., (2016). The Destructives. Angry Robot. 9780857664747

De Abaitua, M., (2015). If Then. Angry Robot. 9780857664716

De Abaitua, M., (2011). Alan Moore interview

Book chapters (1)

De Abaitua, M., (2022). Sordid Novels and Preposterous Masculine Fictions: Introduction to Rose Macaulay's What Not. In: What Not. MIT Press. 9780262544306

Media (1)

De Abaitua, M., The Dolittle Machine. Audio

+44 (0) 1206 872853


5NW.4.17, Colchester Campus

Academic support hours:

I am currently not teaching as I am head of department.