Dr Jessica Dawson

Education Development Officer
People & Culture - Organisational Development
 Dr Jessica Dawson


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I previously received my BSc, MSc and PhD (funded by SeNSS, ESRC) from the University of Essex. My current role involves identifying the training needs of PGR students and their supervisors. I develop appropriate interventions, deliver these and evaluative their impact.


  • Psychology (BSc) University of Essex (2015)

  • Research Methods in Psychology (MSc) University of Essex (2016)

  • PhD Psychology University of Essex (2021)

Research and professional activities


Signalling cues in social conversation: an exploration using real world stimuli

Eye gaze during a social interaction is not only a mechanism for taking in information, but also a signal in which we can direct attention and influence others. This ‘dual function of gaze’ is often overlooked in controlled experiments, with a lack of research using real people. My research explores how the tendency to look at the speaker during a conversation changes with the visual and auditory information presented.

Supervisor: Tom Foulsham

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EBS.1.16, Colchester Campus

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