Dr Alex Diana

School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS)
Dr Alex Diana

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Mathematics Careers and Employability (MA199)

  • Survival Analysis (MA216)

  • Bayesian Computational Statistics (MA322)


Journal articles (5)

Diana, A., Dennis, EB., Matechou, E. and Morgan, BJT., (2023). Fast Bayesian inference for large occupancy datasets. Biometrics. 79 (3), 2503-2515

Diana, A., Matechou, E., Griffin, J., Arnold, T., Tenan, S. and Volponi, S., (2023). A general modeling framework for open wildlife populations based on the Polya tree prior. Biometrics. 79 (3), 2171-2183

Diana, A., Matechou, E., Griffin, JE., Jhala, Y. and Qureshi, Q., (2022). A vector of point processes for modeling interactions between and within species using captureā€recapture data. Environmetrics. 33 (8)

Diana, A., Matechou, E., Griffin, JE., Buxton, AS. and Griffiths, RA., (2021). An RShiny app for modelling environmental DNA data: accounting for false positive and false negative observation error. Ecography. 44 (12), 1838-1844

Diana, A., Matechou, E., Griffin, J. and Johnston, A., (2020). A hierarchical dependent Dirichlet process prior for modelling bird migration patterns in the UK. The Annals of Applied Statistics. 14 (1)

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