Dr Cathleen Cortis Mack

Senior Research Officer
Department of Psychology
Dr Cathleen Cortis Mack
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  • PhD in Psychology: University of Essex: 2012 - 2015

  • MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience: University of Essex: 2011-2012 (Distinction)

  • BA in English (specialising in Linguistics): University of Malta: 2008-2011 (First Class)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Immediate verbal and visuo-spatial memory

Retrieval Induced Forgetting

Long-term serial position effects

Use of technology and life logging for memory augmentation

Semantic error detection in language acquisition

Current research

I am a senior research officer currently working on an EPSRC grant entitled PACTMAN.

I have previously worked on the RECALL project (EU funded grant) that is looking at Retrieval Induced Forgetting (RIF) in the real world, serial position curves across long periods of time as well as the use of technology to augment memory.

My PhD explored immediate memory across domains, more specifically verbal and visuo-spatial immediate memory. There is an on-going debate as to whether verbal and visuo-spatial memory are two distinct memory stores. My research delineated the similarities between the two by utilising similar methodologies for both modalities. It also made use of dual-task free recall methodology to help expound on whether forward serial order is a domain-general or a domain-specific mechanism.

Conferences and presentations

Cortis Mack, C., Ward, G., & Cinel, C. (May 2017) Toward an intelligent end-of-day review to augment human memory. Talk Presented at the Eastern ARC Workshop 2016.Canterbury, UK.

Canterbury, United Kingdom, 2017

Cortis, C.& Ward, G (May, 2016) Independent capacities but constrained output orders in the simultaneous free recall of audiotry-verbal and visuo-spatial stimuli. Poster Presented at the Internation Meeting of Psychonomics 2016. Granada, Spain.

Granada, Spain, 2016

Cortis, C.& Ward, G (January, 2015)List length and output order effects in the immediate free recall of non-verbal stimuli.Talk Presented at the EPS London Meeting 2015. London, UK

London, United Kingdom, 2015

Cortis, C.& Ward, G (July, 2014)List length and output order effects in the immediate free recall of non-verbal stimuli.Poster Presented at the International Conference of Working Memory 2014. Cambridge, UK

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2014

Cortis, C. & Ward, G (Sept, 2013)List length and output order effects in the immediate free recall of non-verbal stimuli.Poster Presented at the British Psychological Society, Cognition and Developmental Psychology Sections Joint Conference. Reading, UK.

Reading, United Kingdom, 2013


Journal articles (8)

Cortis Mack, C., Harding, M., Davies, N. and Ward, G., (2019). RECAPP-XPR: A smartphone application for presenting and recalling experimentally controlled stimuli over longer timescales. Behavior Research Methods. 51 (4), 1804-1823

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4.723, Colchester Campus