Dr Kareemah Chopra

Senior Research Officer
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS)
Dr Kareemah Chopra


Journal articles (2)

Chopra, K., Enticott, G. and Codling, EA., (2024). Where did my dog go? A pilot study exploring the movement ecology of farm dogs. Frontiers in Veterinary Science. 10, 1325609-

Chopra, K., Hodges, HR., Barker, ZE., Vázquez Diosdado, JA., Amory, JR., Cameron, TC., Croft, DP., Bell, NJ., Thurman, A., Bartlett, D. and Codling, EA., (2023). Bunching behaviour in housed dairy cows at higher ambient temperatures.. Journal of Dairy Science. 107 (4), 2406-2425



STEM 5.1, Colchester Campus