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Research and professional activities

Research interests

Carriage of Goods by Sea, Shipping Technology Law, Autonomous Ships, Maritime Cyber Security, IMO Regulations, EU Maritime Law, Marine Pollution, Marine Insurance

Conferences and presentations

Maritime Safety and Port State Control: A Comparison Between Turkish and EU Laws

Invited presentation, “Training on Regulatory Framework and Harmonization Process of the National Legislation with EU Acquis” Workshop, Workshop organised by the Republic of Türkiye, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, 10/3/2023

Liabilities Arising from Cyber Risk Management in Maritime Transportation

International Congress of Akdeniz Law, Antalya, 6/7/2022

Legal Challenges of Using Drones in Maritime Transportation

4th Global Maritime Conference on Innovation in Marine Technology and the Future of Maritime Transportation, Online, 19/11/2021

Legal Liabilities Arising from Operation and Management of Remote- Controlled Ships

Virtual Conference on Shipping and Marine Insurance Law after 2020: Possible Challenges, Online, 16/4/2021

Gender Equality (Invited Moderator)

Invited presentation, Women at Sea Conference, Istanbul, 8/3/2020

Effects of Autonomous Ships on the Maritime Labour Law

Invited presentation, Future of Maritime Sector Symposium, Istanbul, 23/11/2019

Maritime Cyber Security Session (Invited Moderator)

Invited presentation, Safe and Clean Seas-Empowering Women in the Maritime Community Conference, Istanbul, 18/9/2019

How to Ensure Crew Competence Against Maritime Cyber Risks?

Invited presentation, East Med Maritime Conference (EMMC) 2019, Beirut, 20/6/2019

A Regulatory Perspective on the Effects of Autonomous Vessels on the Future of Seafaring

8th International Research Seminar in Maritime, Port and Transport Law, Ravenna, 6/6/2019

Ethical Issues Arising from Self Driving Vehicles Session (Invited Moderator)

Invited presentation, 3rd National Practical Ethics Congress, Ankara, 28/11/2018

Maritime Hacking: The International and Criminal Law Framework

3rd International Symposium on Naval Architecture and Maritime (INT-NAM 2018), Istanbul, 24/4/2018

A New Era, A New Risk!

Invited presentation, 7th AIDA Europe Conference, Warsaw, 12/4/2018

Smart Containers and Their Possible Effects in Transport Law: A Comparative Study between Turkish Law and English Law

6th Annual Conference of the Young Comparativists Committee of the American Society of Comparative Law (YCC2017), Istanbul, 28/4/2017

Delivery of the Goods Where There is a Negotiable Transport Document That Does not Require Surrender

8th Maritime Law & Policy International Postgraduate Research Conference 2017, London, 7/4/2017

Marpol’s Energy Efficiency Measures: Legal Considerations

International Conference on Maritime Energy Management (MARENER 2017), Malmo, 25/1/2017

Giving Instructions to the Carrier Regarding the Delivery of the Goods: the Rotterdam Rules v COGSA 1992

the 3rd Annual Conference Transport Law de lege ferenda: Young Academics' Vision on Tomorrow's Transport Law, Elbasan, 27/11/2015

Position of the Shipowner as a Maritime Performing Party

Transport Law de lege ferenda: 2nd Annual Young Academics' Vision on Tomorrow's Transport Law, Zagreb, 13/11/2014

Being An f.o.b. Seller under the Rotterdam Rules: Better or Worse?

Transport Law de lege ferenda, Leuven, 14/11/2013

Transport Documents: The New Terminology and Categorisation under the Rotterdam Rules

ATINER 10th Annual International Conference on Law, Athens, 8/7/2013

Identification of the Carrier under the Rotterdam Rules

Maritime & Transport Law Conference, Ravenna, 8/6/2012

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Career Development Learning Part 1 (LW111)

  • Private International Trade Law (LW338)

  • Carriage of Goods By Sea (LW604)

  • Marine Insurance (LW619)


Journal articles (8)

Bulut Sahin, B., (2022). Marmara Denizi ve Adalar Özel Çevre Koruma Bölgesi Cumhurbaşkanı Kararı'nın Hukuki Değerlendirilmesi. Şehir&Toplum Dergisi (20-21), 129-138

Bulut Sahin, B., (2019). Delivery of the Goods Against a PIN Code Without Issuing a Delivery Order: English Court of Appeal’s Decision on Glencore International AG v MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co SA. Chamber of Shipping (DTO) Journal. March 2019, 72-74

Bulut Sahin, B., (2017). Negotiable Transport Documents That Do Not Require Surrender: Model for a Solution?. Lloyds Shipping & Trade Law. 17 (7), 2-4

Bulut Sahin, B., (2015). Application of the Rotterdam Rules as Between the Carrier and the Consignee When There is not Any Negotiable Transport Document Issued. European Transport Law Journal (3), 281-286

Bulut Sahin, B., (2014). Position of the Shipowner as a Maritime Performing Party. Transport Law de lege ferenda: Young Academics’ Vision on Tomorrow’s Transport Law, TransLawFer E-Proceeding, 34-41

Bulut Sahin, B., (2014). Identification of the Carrier in Cases of Inconsistencies: The Starsin and Article 37(1) of the Rotterdam Rules. European Transport Law Journal (4), 381-391

Bulut Sahin, B., (2014). Being An f.o.b. Seller under the Rotterdam Rules: Better or Worse?,. European Transport Law Journal, 291-299

Bulut Sahin, B., (2012). The Evidentiary Effect of the Contract of Particulars under The Rotterdam Rules. Ankara Bar Review. 5 (1), 25-41

Book chapters (3)

Bulut Sahin, B. and Fakhry, A., Maritime Hacking: The International and Criminal Law Framework pp.981-987. INT-NAM 2018 E-Proceeding

Constantino-Chagas-Lessa, J. and Bulut Sahin, B., (2020). A New Era A New Risk: A Study on the Impact of the Developments of New Technologies in the Shipping Industry and Marine Insurance Market. In: InsurTech: A Legal and Regulatory View. Editors: Marano, P. and Noussia, K., . Springer. 313- 342. 3030273857. 978-3-030-27388-0

Fakhry, A. and Bulut Sahin, B., (2018). MARPOL Energy Efficiency: Verging on Legal Inefficiency?. In: Trend and Challenges in Maritime Energy Management, WMU Studies in Maritime Affairs. Editors: Ölçer, A., . Springer. 15- 29. 978-3-030-09026-5

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5S.6.31, Colchester Campus