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Kathryn Buchanan obtained her Bsc (Hons) in psychology from the University of Kent in 2008 before going on to complete a PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her thesis primarily examined the contribution of two key behaviour types known as 'getting ahead' (agency) and 'getting along' (communion) to subjective wellbeing. Kathryn then worked as a post-doctoral researcher on a 4 year EPSRC funded project (2012 - 2016), where alongside a multidisciplinary team she assisted in the development of a system that aimed to help householders reduce their energy consumption. Kathryn joined the department as a lecturer in 2016. Her research employs a mixed methods approach and continues to revolve around identifying factors that can lead to desirable societal outcomes such as increased happiness and the promotion of pro-social behaviours. Her recent work looks at people's reactions to seeing others' acts of kindness.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Improving subjective well-being through the identification of happiness-enhancing activities

The Darker Side of Seeing Others Kindness

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Applied Psychology (PS118)

  • Statistics for Psychologists, 2nd Year (PS212)

  • Enhancing employability and career planning (PS417)

  • Advanced employability skills and career progression (PS492)


Journal articles (15)

Buchanan, K. and Sandstrom, GM., (2023). Buffering the effects of bad news: Exposure to others’ kindness alleviates the aversive effects of viewing others’ acts of immorality. PLOS ONE. 18 (5), e0284438-e0284438

Buchanan, KE., Rolison, JJ., Jinga, I., Thompson, J. and Russo, R., (2022). Who tugs at our heart strings? The effect of avatar images on player generosity in the dictator game.. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. 75 (3), 377-389

Buchanan, K., Aknin, LB., Lotun, S. and Sandstrom, GM., (2021). Brief exposure to social media during the COVID-19 pandemic: Doom-scrolling has negative emotional consequences, but kindness-scrolling does not.. PLoS One. 16 (10), e0257728-e0257728

Buchanan, K. and Russo, R., (2019). Money doesn’t matter! Householders’ intentions to reduce standby power are unaffected by personalised pecuniary feedback. PLoS One. 14 (10), e0223727-e0223727

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Conferences (4)

Buchanan, KE., Feedback in energy demand reduction: Examining evidence and exploring opportunities

Buchanan, K., (2017). A Luke-Warm Reception: Why Consumers Aren’t Overly Excited by Smart Thermostats.

Buchanan, K., (2016). Dreams or nightmares? Consumers’ reactions to home energy automation

Vastardis, N., Adjrad, M., Buchanan, K., Liao, Z., Koch, C., Russo, R., Yang, K., Ghavami, M., Anderson, B. and Dudley, S., (2014). A user-centric system architecture for residential energy consumption reduction

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Encouraging Long Lasting Employee Energy Saving Behaviour Change through IoT

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Encouraging Long Lasting Employee Energy Saving Behaviour Change through IoT

Enabling Innovation: Research to Application

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Engaging end users with energy: Exploring the efficacy of physical and virtual in-home-displays

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