Rachel Joy Bosler

Assistant Lecturer
School of Philosophy and Art History
Postgraduate Research Student
Human Rights Centre
 Rachel Joy Bosler


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  • differential grievability
  • social housing


Rachel has a highly interdisciplinary backgroundwith an undergraduate degree from the University of Warwick in Literature and an MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science in Gender, Development and Globalization and believes her current research benefits greatly from studying within both the humanities and the social sciences. Therefore, although she is currently writing a PhD thesis within the Human Rights Centre, her critical theory based project is co-supervised by the Centre for Ideology and Discourse analysis (in the Department of Government) and draws on a range of disciplines including feminist theory, heterodox economics, cultural theory, and urban geography in order to try to understand the material and bodily manifestations of deprivation and inequality. In particular, her thinking draws on Judith Butler, Nancy Fraser, Wendy Brown and Herbert Marcuse. In her work, she is seeking to reconceptualize a new critical theory rooted in opposing differential liveability by focusing her theoretical interventions on housing, space and urban environments. With the interplay of capital and power as a background, the thesis concentrates on the relationship between bodies and urban space and considers how collective desires are manipulated toward neoliberal politics and the maintenance of an unjust, exclusionary status quo: one that routinely disposes of the most oppressed and vulnerable. She is also keen to explore radical new political and social forms of organizing and being such as autonomous squatting - as well as ideas contained in the burgeoning right to the city literature. Originally from Southern California, Rachel has been living, studying and working in the United Kingdom for eight years. She loves to play and watch tennis and is planning to run her first marathon in 2021. Rachel teaches for the Interdisciplinary Studies Centre based in the School of Art History and Philosophy.


  • BA (First Class) English Literature The University of Warwick (2017)

  • MSc Gender, Development and Globalisation The London School of Economics and Political Science (2018)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Critical Theory

Progressive Neoliberalism

Housing Politics

Right to the City

Urban geography / Marxist geography

Autonomous Squatting

Radical Left Politics

Cultural Politics

Particularly pertaining to the 1990's



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