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Structural biologist with interests in membrane protein crystallography and integrative structural biology approaches, including structural mass-spectrometry. Research areas cover bacterial transporters involved in antibiotic resistance and ion channels. Protein structure-function relationships and involvement in disease.


  • PhD (supervisor Prof. Winfried Weissenhorn) European Molecular Biology Laboratory, (2003)

  • MSc Biochemistry and Microbiology (supervisor Prof.Shawn Doonan) University of East London, (1996)

  • MSc Biochemistry and Microbiology Sofia University, (1996)

  • BSc Molecular Microbiology Sofia University, (1994)


University of Essex

  • Professor of Structural Microbiology, School of Life Sciences, University of Essex (1/10/2021 - present)

  • Reader in Membrane Protein Science, Biological Sciences, University of Essex (1/5/2016 - 30/9/2021)

  • Convenor Protein Structure and Function Group (PSFG), Biological Sciences, University of Essex (1/8/2017 - 1/9/2021)

  • Director MSc Molecular Medicine, Biological Sciences, University of Essex (1/8/2017 - present)

Other academic

  • Director Postgraduate Taught (PGT), School of Life Sciences, University of Essex (1/8/2022 - present)

  • Professor of Structural Microbiology and Membrane Protein Science, School of Life Sciences, University of Essex (1/10/2021 - present)

  • Reader in Membrane Protein Science, Biological Sciences, University of Essex (1/5/2016 - 30/9/2021)

  • Director MSc Molecular Medicine, Biological Sciences, University of Essex (1/8/2017 - 1/9/2021)

  • Senior Visiting Research Fellow, School of Medicine, University of Birmingham (1/5/2016 - 1/5/2020)

  • Birmingham Fellow, School of Medicine, University of Birmingham (1/2/2012 - 30/4/2016)

  • PI in Structural Microbiology, School of Medicine, University of Birmingham (1/2/2012 - 1/4/2016)

  • Senior Post Doctoral Research Associate, Physics, University of Oxford (1/1/2008 - 1/1/2012)

  • Marie Curie Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Biochemistry, University of Cambridge (1/1/2005 - 1/1/2007)

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Biochemistry, University of Cambridge (12/10/2003 - 1/1/2005)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Membrane protein crystallography

Key words: membrane proteins
Open to supervise

Antimicrobial Resistance

Our group is interested in the molecular mechanisms of multidrug resistance provided by the tripartite efflux pumps in Gram-negative bacteria. We are seeking to understand the mechanistic aspects of the assembly and substrate recognition in these multicomponent molecular machines.

Key words: multidrug efflux pumps
Open to supervise

Integrative structural biology approaches

Key words: X-ray radiolytic footprinting
Open to supervise

Ion channels

Key words: Ion channels
Open to supervise

Metal transport in bacteria

Key words: Copper homeostasis
Open to supervise

Antigen target selection and vaccine development

Key words: Vaccine
Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

Chairing the Gordon Research Conference Topic Debate

Invited presentation, GRC Efflux Pumps - 2023, Gordon Research Conference - Efflux Pumps, Galveston, United States, 27/3/2023

Structural and functional characterisation of the gating mechanism of the outer membrane factor MtrE from Neisseria gonorrhoeae

BacPath 2019, Bacpath15, Perth, Australia, 30/9/2019

Integrative structural biology of tripartite efflux-pumps and the cell envelope in Gram-negative bacteria

Invited presentation, Antibiotic Discovery Accelerator Network Inaugural Meeting, Antibiotic Discovery Accelerator Network (ABX), Eden Project, United Kingdom, 11/7/2019

Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Efflux pumps 2019

Conference, Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Efflux pumps 2019, Lucca, Italy, 29/4/2019

Biophysical Society Conference

Conference, BPS 62 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, United States, 18/2/2018

Immunological assessment of the nature of binding of protective antibodies to the Gram-negative envelope reveals a complex role of LPS O-chain in restricting protection from vaccination.

Invited presentation, Conference, BacPath 14 - Molecular Biology of Bacterial Pathogens 2017, Hahndorf, Australia, 27/9/2017

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Transferable Skills in Life Sciences (BS143)

  • Protein Bioinformatics (BS281)

  • Biomembranes and Bioenergetics (BS332)

  • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (BS938)


Journal articles (44)

Alav, I., Bavro, VN. and Blair, JMA., (2022). A role for the periplasmic adaptor protein AcrA in vetting substrate access to the RND efflux transporter AcrB. Scientific Reports. 12 (1), 4752-

Trampari, E., Zhang, C., Gotts, K., Savva, G., Bavro, V. and Webber, M., (2022). Cefotaxime Exposure Selects Mutations within the CA-Domain of envZ Which Promote Antibiotic Resistance but Repress Biofilm Formation in Salmonella. Microbiology Spectrum. 10 (3), e0214521-

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Book chapters (2)

Marshall, RL. and Bavro, VN., (2019). Multidrug Resistance. In: Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics From Molecules to Man. Editors: Bonev, B. and Brown, N., . John Wiley & Sons. 201- 237. 9781119940777

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Conferences (3)

Grassi, F., Bavro, VN. and Kleinekathöfer, U., (2016). What Keeps TolC Closed? Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Bavro, VN., De Zorzi, R., Schmidt, MR., Muniz, JRC., Zubcevic, L., Sansom, MSP., Venien-Bryan, C. and Tucker, SJ., (2012). Crystal Structure of a Prokaryotic Kir Channel in an Open Conformation

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Reports and Papers (2)

Bavro, V., Alav, I. and Blair, J., (2021). The membrane-proximal domain of the periplasmic adapter protein plays a role in vetting substrates utilising channels 1 and 2 of RND efflux transporters

Trampari, E., Holden, E., Wickham, G., Anuradha, R., Prischi, F., de Oliveira Martins, L., Savva, G., Bavro, VN. and Webber, M., (2019). Antibiotics select for novel pathways of resistance in biofilms

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Development of novel cancer treatments: structural studies of Nectin 4 in complex with bespoke anti-cancer peptides

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Mapping the interactions within multidrug efflux pump assemblies

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Elucidating the interaction of antibiotics with multidrug efflux-pumps

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