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In 2009 Caroline completed her PhD which explored the experience of risk and vulnerability amongst fisherfolk on Lake Victoria, Uganda. Her research covered topics such as resource sustainability, health and gender. During her PhD Caroline taught Biographic-Narrative-Interpretive Method (BNIM), a form of life history research, with Tom Wengraf in London and at Queens University, Belfast. This established an interest in qualitative research and narrative research in particular. In 2010 Caroline worked with the University of Essex and Tendring District Council on a two year project exploring the issue of mental health amongst residents of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO).Since then Caroline has remained in HHS initially as temporary Programme Lead for the BSc in Health Studies and now as a lecturer involved with teaching on a range of modules including undergraduate, post-graduate and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. She is also working on curriculum development projects including a new CPD course called 'Developing as a compassionate practitioner' which utilises the concepts of mindfulness and self-compassion to increase the ability of health and social care pracitioners to deliver compassionate care. This is expected to start in 2015. Caroline is also a member of the Essex Sustainability Institutereflecting her continued interest in the issue of sustainability and how people's health is affected by how our interaction with the environment. She is also a founding member of the Environmental Health Research Network UK (EHRNet) which is promoting evidence based practice and the development of a research culture in the environmental health profession. Caroline's most recent project has been the establishment of the Contemplative Pedagogy Network to support and encourage teachers and lecturers who are interested in incorporating contemplative practice into their teaching. Click on the link for more information, resources and details of upcoming events.


  • BSc, MRes, PhD in International Development

  • School of International Development, University of East Anglia.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Health inequalities

Open to supervise

Mental health

Open to supervise

Contemplative teaching methods

Open to supervise


Open to supervise

Community based resource management

Open to supervise

Qualitative research methods

Open to supervise

Conferences and presentations

Barratt, C. Telling students to be compassionate isn't enough: exploring the role of mindfulness, contemplation and compassion in higher education. Warwick Medical School, Warwick Medical School Mindfulness Society Seminar Series. 14th January 2016.


Barratt, C. and L. Andrews. Evaluating the Impact of Developing as a Compassionate Practitioner: an Innovative Course for Health Professionals. Royal College of Nursing Education Forum National Conference and Exhibition, Telford. March 15th 2016


Barratt, C. What does Contemplative Pedagogy mean for us as Teachers? Contemplation in the classroom: An exploration of contemplative pedagogy in higher & further education 12th-14th June 2015, Emerson College, UK.


Barrattc, C. Mental health and houses in multiple occupation: the challenge of finding practical solutions Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Housing and Health Conference. London. April 2013.


Barratt, C., Green, G. and E. Speed Understanding the relationship between housing and mental health through the experience of bedsit residents in a seaside town. How is the Housing System Coping? Housing Studies Association Conference, University of York. April 2012.


Barratt, C., Green, G. and E. Speed Exploring the relationship between mental health and housing amongst residents of bedsit accommodation in a seaside town. Joint Empirical Social Sciences Seminar Series, University of Essex. 14th December 2011.


Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Mindfulness, self-compassion and compassionate care (HS613)

  • Research Design and Critical Appraisal (HS900)

  • Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation (HS908)

  • Believing is Seeing. The power of belief and suggestion on the mind and brain (PS508)

  • Clinical Interventions and Skills 1 (HS765)

Previous supervision

Stacy Earl
Stacy Earl
Thesis title: An Exploration of How Mental Health Service Users' Construct Meaning From the Work Capability Assessment Process - Using Foucauldian Discourse Analysis
Degree subject: Clinical Psychology (D Clin Psych)
Degree type: Doctorate
Awarded date: 31/3/2016


Journal articles (15)

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Book chapters (2)

Barratt, C., (2018). Contemplative Pedagogy. In: Mindful Evolution: Conference proceedings Eichstätt 2016 & Thessaloniki 2017. Editors: Bottger, H., Jensen, K. and Jensen, T., . Klinkhardt

Couch, R., Barratt, C., Dhesi, S., Stewart, J. and Page, A., (2016). Research and Evidence Based Environmental Health. In: Clay?s Handbook of Environmental Health (21st Edition). Editors: Battersby, S., . Routledge. 102- 127. 9780415716710

Grants and funding


Contemplative Pedagogy Workshop

University of Winchester


Internal conversations, social networks, and mental health in young adult care leavers in Suffolk

University of Essex


Qualitative Evaluation of Good Lives Innovation Pilot

Essex County Council

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