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Dr Ryan Bakker

Department of Government
Dr Ryan Bakker

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Quantitative Political Analysis (GV207)

  • Advanced Quantitative Political Analysis (GV300)

  • Political Explanation (GV900)

  • Advanced Research Methods (GV903)

  • MA Dissertation (GV993)

  • MRES Dissertation (GV995)

  • Career Portfolio (GV711)


Journal articles (9)

Bakker, R., Jolly, S. and Polk, J., Analyzing the cross-national comparability of Party Positions on the Socio-Cultural and EU Dimensions in Europe. Political Science Research and Methods

Struthers, CL., Hare, C. and Bakker, R., (2020). Bridging the pond: measuring policy positions in the United States and Europe. Political Science Research and Methods. 8 (4), 677-691

Bakker, R., Jolly, S. and Polk, J., (2020). Multidimensional Incongruence, Political Disaffection, and Support for Anti-Establishment Parties.. Journal of European Public Policy. 27 (2), 292-309

Polk, J., Rovny, J., Bakker, R., Edwards, E., Hooghe, L., Jolly, S., Koedam, J., Kostelka, F., Marks, G., Schumacher, G., Steenbergen, M., Vachudova, M. and Zilovic, M., (2017). Explaining the salience of anti-elitism and reducing political corruption for political parties in Europe with the 2014 Chapel Hill Expert Survey data. Research & Politics. 4 (1), 205316801668691-205316801668691

Bakker, R., Hill, DW. and Moore, WH., (2016). How much terror? Dissidents, governments, institutions, and the cross-national study of terror attacks. Journal of Peace Research. 53 (5), 711-726

Bakker, R., de Vries, C., Edwards, E., Hooghe, L., Jolly, S., Marks, G., Polk, J., Rovny, J., Steenbergen, M. and Vachudova, MA., (2015). Measuring party positions in Europe. Party Politics. 21 (1), 143-152

Hare, C., Armstrong, DA., Bakker, R., Carroll, R. and Poole, KT., (2015). Using Bayesian Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling to Study Citizens' Ideological Preferences and Perceptions. American Journal of Political Science. 59 (3), 759-774

Bakker, R., Jolly, S., Polk, J. and Poole, K., (2014). The European Common Space: Extending the Use of Anchoring Vignettes. The Journal of Politics. 76 (4), 1089-1101

HOOGHE, L., BAKKER, R., BRIGEVICH, A., DE VRIES, C., EDWARDS, E., MARKS, G., ROVNY, JAN., STEENBERGEN, M. and VACHUDOVA, M., (2010). Reliability and validity of the 2002 and 2006 Chapel Hill expert surveys on party positioning. European Journal of Political Research. 49 (5), 687-703

Books (1)

Armstrong, DA., Bakker, R., Carroll, R., Hare, C., Poole, KT. and Rosenthal, H., (2014). Analyzing spatial models of choice and judgment with R. CRC Press. 1466517158. 9781466517158


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