Dr Patryk Bronka

Senior Research Officer
Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER)
Dr Patryk Bronka
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    2N2.6.16, Colchester Campus


Journal articles (2)

Thomson, RM., Kopasker, D., Bronka, P., Richiardi, M., Khodygo, V., Baxter, AJ., Igelström, E., Pearce, A., Leyland, AH. and Katikireddi, SV., (2024). Short-term impacts of Universal Basic Income on population mental health inequalities in the UK: A microsimulation modelling study. PLOS Medicine. 21 (3), e1004358-e1004358

Kopasker, D., Katikireddi, SV., Santos, JV., Richiardi, M., Bronka, P., Rostila, M., Cecchini, M., Ali, S., Emmert-Fees, K., Bambra, C., Hoven, H., Backhaus, I., Balaj, M. and Eikemo, TA., (2023). Microsimulation as a flexible tool to evaluate policies and their impact on socioeconomic inequalities in health. The Lancet Regional Health - Europe. 34, 100758-100758

Reports and Papers (1)

Bronka, P., Collado, D. and Richiardi, M., (2020). The Covid-19 crisis response helps the poor: the distributional and budgetary consequences of the UK lockdown

Grants and funding


DWP Model Development Fellow UKRI Policy Fellowship

Economic and Social Research Council

ESPON European Research call: Overlapping crises (re)shaping the future of regional labour markets

ESPON European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)


Chronic pain, mental health and employment: The role of firms, workers and the state.

University of Glasgow (Funder)


Research collaboration and partnership between Italian Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies (INAPP) and ISER

Italian Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies


COVID-19: Distributional and budgetary consequences in the UK

Institute for New Economic Thinking

+44 (0) 1206 873543


2N2.6.16, Colchester Campus

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