Dr Matteo Baraldo

Senior Research Officer
School of Philosophical, Historical and Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr Matteo Baraldo



Matteo Baraldo holds a PhD in Comparative Literature, which he earned through his thesis focusing on the preservation of Ethiopian cultural heritage. His research was dedicated to the exploration of sacred spaces and the intangible practices intertwined with them. His academic pursuits revolved around the intricate field of semiotics of place, encompassing cognitive studies, neuroscience, narratology, and cultural and social psychology. Baraldo's aim was to unravel the construction of spatial imagery within textual contexts and to comprehend the intricate interplay of socio-spatial dynamics. Baraldo's academic journey encompassed a comparative and diachronic investigation across diverse cultural and national spaces. This method yielded profound insights into the fusion of otherness and identity in shaping the essence of place. Within his professional career as a consultant in international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance, Baraldo has been involved in designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions on resilience building related to disaster risk reduction and preparedness.


Journal articles (2)

Baraldo, M., (2023). Mapping Ethiopia’s Ancient Spirituality and Amba Gishen: From Sacralisation to Desacralisation. English Academy Review. 40 (1), 83-98

Baraldo, M., (2018). On-line-Off-line interactions: social media and vulnerability to cyberbullying in a Cape Town case study. Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology. 31 (3/2018), 20-33

Books (1)

Baraldo, M., (2021). Topografie leggendarie in Etiopia. Dalla letteratura sette-ottocentesca alle guide di viaggio. 8833291391. 9788833291390

Book chapters (2)

Baraldo, M., Stigma Stereotyping and “Made in Italy”. In: Advertising Culture and Translation: From Colonial to Global. Editors: Masiola, R. and Tomei, R., . CAMBRIDGE SCHOLARS PUBLISHING. 159- 202. 978-1-4438-4389-8

Baraldo, M., (2018). Places of power: mediation and interpreters. In: Translating Ethiopia: Travel writing, explorations and colonization. Editors: Tomei, R., . CAMBRIDGE SCHOLARS PUBLISHING. 66- 97. 978-1-5275-0782-1



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